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Princess Anne unveils plaque to celebrate equestrian innovation

Princess Anne unveiled a plaque yesterday in North Yorkshire that commemorated the work of a Stokesley equestrian group.

What is the Neue Schule Group?

The Neue Schule Group is made up of four member companies that all showcase innovative equestrian designs. The Neue Schule Group refer to themselves as the ‘new school of thinking’ they specialise in producing horse bit designs that overhaul traditional designs.

The Neue Schule Group were absolutely honoured that the Princess Royal was able to unveil the plaque that celebrated the groups profound love for equestrian innovation.

Chief executive for Neue Schule Sarfraz Mian said: “We were extremely pleased and incredibly honoured to host the Princess and her visit allowed us to demonstrate the results of our extensive research and development – and, as a keen horsewoman, the Princess appeared genuinely enthusiastic and keen to find out more about our work.”

The Princess Royal has a profound love for the equestrian community, which stems from her love of the equestrian sport. Princess Anne has been a horse rider for an admirable forty years and began an Olympic career in the sport in 1976 in the Montreal Olympic Games.

The Neue Schule Group recognised that Princess Anne was perfect to host the exhibition for the plaque, with chief executive for Neue Schule, Sarfraz Mian saying:

“With her love of equestrian sport and keen involvement in equine welfare charities, the team was able to undertake interesting and detailed discussions about advances in delivering improved performance for riders.”

The princess Royal’s visit to the Neue Schule HQ demonstrated that she is still a keen enthusiast for the equestrian sport. Sarfraz Mian, the chief executive for Neue Schule said:

“This unique visit by the Princess provided an insight into the innovations and activities undertaken by Neue Schule Group companies.”

To express her interest in the equestrian group the Princess Royal remained at the event for some while after unveiling the plaque. She was seen talking to associates of the group, including Neue Schule’s founder Heather Hyde.

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