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Town Crier Tony Appleton proclaims the engagement of Prince Harry outside Buckingham Palace

As the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is announced by Clarence House, the unofficial town crier of England, in full pomp and splendour, made an appearance outside of Buckingham Palace.

Outside the palace, ringing his bell, Mr Appleton announced: “Buckingham Palace proudly announce the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“God Save The Queen.”

In the same fashion, Mr Appleton also stood on the steps of the Lindo Wing back in 2013 and 2015 to celebrate the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Despite not being asked formally by The Royal Family to turn up at royal occasions, the Town Crier still makes an appearance of his own accord.

Speaking to Yahoo! in 2013 after Prince George’s birth, Mr Appleton said: “I got out of my cab and I stood in front of the steps, because I didn’t think I would be allowed on them, and did my bit. It was great. It was a great atmosphere, it’s like the Olympics. I just crashed the party”.

Mr Appleton has also had other many notable appearances as Town Crier including the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. He also waited outside Buckingham Palace in 2011 for the royal wedding of William and Kate to fill the tradition of the town crier.

Mr Appleton said he first became interested in the British Monarchy when he met the Queen as a child while she was on a royal walkabout. “I love the royal family, I love them to bits”.

Historically, town criers were the bringers of news, they date back to the early Greek empire and have continued to bring news throughout history. Before people could read, town criers were spokesmen for the King and brought news to people.

The common saying “don’t shoot the messenger” was to protect the town crier as anything done to a town crier was deemed to be done to the King and was a treasonable offence.

Although he is not an official Town Crier, Mr Appleton still adds a sense of drama to occasions and makes the day just that bit more memorable.

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