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The steps Prince Harry will have to go through to marry Meghan Markle

Eloping may sound like a good idea, but as fifth-in-line (soon to be sixth) to the British throne, Prince Harry will have to go through an arrangement of hoops to marry his girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

As each day passes, we await the announcement that the lovebirds will wed.  The announcement will come from Kensington Palace, but Prince Harry and Meghan may opt out of a big press gathering like Prince William and the then, Kate Middleton did.

Before that can happen, Prince Harry will first have to introduce Meghan to The Queen, which rumour has, he did last week. He will then have to ask Her Majesty for her permission to marry Meghan. William called up granny only a few hours before the press announcement as to reduce the risk of the news slipping out, chances are Harry will follow his lead.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 states that up to the sixth-in-line to the throne must have The Queen’s permission. Even if Harry waited until after the Duke and Duchess’s third child to be born in April 2018, Harry would still need approval as he would only fall from fifth to sixth.

As well, when Harry does ask permission, The Queen could veto the whole idea if she feels the match would “diminish the status of the royal house.”

Then a venue will be chosen after The Queen’s diary is consulted to make sure the wedding date doesn’t fall in a time where she has a prior commitment. They could marry at Westminster Abbey (the same church as William and Kate) as the General Synod Ruling of 2002 now allows divorced people to marry in the Church of England. Harry could take after his father, who when he married the divorced Camilla Parker-Bowels, chose the low-key Windsor Guildhall.

However, the more likely choice will be St Paul’s Cathedral, the same location his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales wed Prince Charles. A fitting way to incorporate his mother who can only be there with him in spirit.

Lastly, before the wedding, new titles will be chosen for the couple. There are a few Dukedoms free right now, but the likely choice will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


  • bearzy123

    elope !!! Wouldn’t that be grand

  • jacqueline nemorin

    this would be disaster if he would marry her as she is a Carribian divorcee, her ex husband is already in the process of making this film base on his ex wife about an ordinary woman getting hooked up with a prince! oh dear, MM is an actress of some sorts hahaha! I really don´t think that this match is great. wait when the press go through her dirty laundries. It would mess up the royals images.

    • emma0819

      Even Camilla is part of the royal family so give us a break. You’re naive if you think the royal family and the media have not checked her background.

    • susanpub

      And really, why area any of us entitled to have a voice in this?

    • el

      Who is from the Caribbean?

    • Frank Van Der Heijden

      You sound jealous…green with envy…at least y you should learn how to spell Caribbean..LMAO !!

    • disqus_hEiQJFvWAL

      Where does her being ‘Caribbean’ enter into this conversation?

  • Melissa

    I don’t think Megan had a church wedding with her ex. Queen of Spain was married before but not in a church so when she married Felipe it wasn’t a problem. Is it different in the Church of England?

    • royalmusings

      The couple were married in a civil ceremony

      • Melissa

        So, does that “count” for CoE? The Catholic church doesn’t consider you do have been married if you didn’t have a church wedding.

        • Sigi

          The Catholic church doesn’t like it if you don’t worship idols, and reproduce as often as the Priest says you should. Eff that,

      • Sigi

        Depends on your opinion whether it was very civil….

    • Sigi

      Yes because it’s likely a watermelon will be involved.

  • Sigi

    The Catholic Church has gone satanic just ask Rome.

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