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Prince Harry’s Royal Household Hospitality Initiative

Prince Harry is currently on the second leg of his Carribean tour where he’s representing Her Majesty The Queen. He was in Grenada yesterday, and His Royal Highness begins his three-day trip to Barbados today. Whilst at a reception attended by Governor-General Dame Cecile La Grenade and Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, he launched the Royal Household Hospitality Scholarship Initiative.

This scholarship programme scheme will see nine hospitality workers in food and entertainment from the various realms throughout the West Indies have the opportunity to train at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle next year. They will learn such skills in complex chocolate and sugar craft and get the chance to perform specific duties for royal guests during Royal Ascot Week. They may also have the chance to shadow the service team during both official and private events.

Other duties they may undertake, according to the press release from Buckingham Palace, include: “Catering in the Royal Kitchen, housekeeping and caring for artwork and furnishings and front-of-house duties such as greeting guests and serving food and drinks.”

Those fortunate enough to be chosen will be attached to the Master of the Household Department. The placement will last for six weeks, where, after completing their training, they will receive a certificate from the Royal Household.

Only individuals from the nine Carribean realms where Her Majesty is head of state may apply through their specific realm’s Governor-General’s office. Some of these realms include Jamaica, Grenada and St Lucia. Accommodations will be provided at Buckingham Palace in the Royal Mews. The meals and travel of the candidates will also be provided. The applicant’s home realm will be responsible for providing flight accommodations to London.

Specific dates and deadlines have yet to be released for this scholarship scheme. Royal Central will post more information as it becomes available.

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