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Prince Harry’s £60 million gift to the U.K

Most weddings, you bring a present for the bride and groom. For the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they are gifting the U.K’s economy with the gift of a £60 million boost.

Chair and CEO of Halcyon Days, Pamela Harper told Bloomberg about the process of pushing out royal souvenirs.

 “The design team have been working very hard,” said Harper.

“Royal weddings tend not to have a long lead time,” adding on, “We need to get ahead of the game.”

The wedding of Prince William to the then Kate Middleton saw a tourism boost of an additional 350,000 visitors in April 2011, according to the U.K Office of National Statistics.

Including the £199 million on wedding-related memorabilia, the Centre for Retail Research figures the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding increased U.K retail spending by £527 million.

The April 2011 nuptials were ruled a bank holiday which helped in that increase, whereas Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 2018 wedding will not be.

According to the centre’s director, Joshua Bamford, Prince Harry’s wedding will bring in less as he is further down the succession line.

Royal Crown Derby alone made up 10% of the sales in 2011. This time around they have been planning out designs two months ago.

“We’re now waiting for the date and the titles to finish the details of the design and get them into production as soon as possible,” Steven Rowley, the Royal Crown Derby’s sales and marketing director said.

Rowley figures that Meghan’s star power will also help up the sales for the day, drawing in the American’s interest.

“This is going to give us an additional opportunity to increase our sales and presence in the U.S. market, which we’re very excited about,” Rowley added.

On a non-wedding year, the Royal Family adds £500 million through tourism interest. Historic Royal Palaces, the charity which manages the royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle stated that 4.4 million people visited royal attractions in 2016.


  • Bubbly

    “Historic Royal Palaces, the charity which manages the royal residences
    such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle stated that 4.4 million
    people visited royal attractions in 2016. ” – damn! Their latest acquisition won’t be of much use than… What a bummer, Harry!

  • Bubbly

    (my post didn’t show up; apologies for repeating myself if it eventually does show up…)
    you delusional?! RF already said they will pay for the wedding (that’s
    millions!) No, they will NOT! It’s taxpayers who will foot the bill. Then, there’s the rest
    of their dismal lives the taxpayers will have to support them for. This may be
    decades! *oops, the rf fans forgot about that*

    £60 million gift?! You are a lunatic, whoever wrote this crap. They will go
    through twice as much in no time and for what? Cutting a ribbon a few times a
    year? Reading speeches someone else wrote for them at some useless charity? And
    yes! Their employees who wipe their bums and write meaningless speeches need to be paid for doing all this for
    them, too! Another tax payer expense.


    • vegastearoom

      “at some useless charity?” Bubbly, your outlook on life is all wrapped into one sentence fragment. Your lack of empathy is galling. I hope Meghan and Harry have a life full of subsidized happiness.

      • Bubbly

        Do you consider a bunch of people who collect money to seemingly help the “disadvantaged” but who only pass on a fracture of the collection onto needy and keep the rest for their “administration” – USEFUL?

        How reading a speech which was written by someone else and the reader doesn’t mean one word of it is useful?
        How cutting a ribbon is useful?
        They (the rf) don’t contribute in one tiny little bit to the efficiency of these institutions. They are useless.The institutions themselves are rotten to the core and to fool people like you they pull on a charade of ribbon cutting and funnel a handful of pennies into the cause to shut people up if they dare to say that they [charities] don’t actually do anything at all besides lining their own pockets with wads of donated money.

        As to the “subsidized” happiness (honestly this made me laugh out loud), they sure will need this keep their own charade going lol
        Don’t get me wrong I know what YOU meant by it, in case you would bother to clarify it. There’s no need for, I assure you 😀

        • Caroline

          Yawn…3 ranting, rambling posts and not a lick of sense in any of it.

          If Britain doesn’t want the royal family, they will get rid of them. In the meantime, since you’re not even British, why not go bore your 13 cats with this drivel, they might be interested.

  • Dene Harris

    Not sure if the people.behind most of the posts re RF being full funded by the taxpayers are UK based or not. However a quick qoogle search on who pays for Prince Harry is a rather interesting read. If you are basing your narrow minded beliefs on the tax payers of the UK paying them by the Soverign Grant….well then here is the text from 2015 regarding the Soverign Grant:

    The Queen now receives the Sovereign Grant from the Treasury, which consists of 15% of the profits from the Crown Estate.

    Last financial year she received $61 million, which goes to paying for royal travel, investitures, garden parties and the upkeep of official residences like Buckingham Palace.Jun 1, 2015

    The Crown Estate owns property and land all over Britain on behalf of the Queen, and its results attract attention. The landlord and developer, which dates back to 1066, returns all profits to the Treasury which then dispenses 15 per cent of them to the monarchy through the Sovereign Grant.

    So a 6.7 per cent rise in annual profits to a record £285.1m for 2014-15 means the Royal Family will get a cut of £42.8m in 2016-17 – up £2.7m on the previous year.

    So the GOVERNMENT gets all the profut being 281.1 million pounds and rhe Queens fets 15% of that….and tou still think the tax payer funds them.

    So to just recap…THE CROWN ESTATE hands over ALL PROFIT TO THE GOVERNMENT… if you took the time to do a quick 2min search you would find that and a lot lot more…but then again it’s so much easier to just jump on someone elses band wagon instead of doing some recearch yourself.

    O and just another bit of info that l found when searching other than Prince Philip and when a member of the RF represents the Queen in an official capacity they are not funded from the UK tax payer.

    The Prince of Wales through the Duchy of Cornwall pays for his children. Once again a quick google search and look what you can find.

    All this from a somewhat reasonably inteligent male in Australia.

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