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Prince Harry visits survival conservation course in Essex

On the day before celebrating his 33rd birthday, Prince Harry spent a few hours on Thursday with youth at the Wilderness Foundation in Chatham Green near Chelmsford, Essex. The Royal observed the teenagers and young adults build fires and children from Felsted School in Felsted attempt to construct waterproof shelters as part of a survival course.

The Royal watched the teenagers and young adults make fires and children from Felsted School in Felsted attempt to construct waterproof shelters as part of a survival course.

Building the shelter allows the school-aged children to participate in the Chatham Project. The theme for the day was survival and nature. The main goal of this project is to show young people and children to appreciate and protect the countryside. The programme’s aim is to educate 3,000 students about the importance of protecting not only nature but the environment as a whole.

Prince Harry looked on as an instructor tested the durability of the shelter. Put together with rope, sticks and tarpaulin and set between two trees, the children huddled inside as the instructor poured a bucket of water over their shelter, drenching them.

A hole in the roof sent water inside, soaking them, shreaks and giggles could be heard as the children rushed from the den.


Prince Harry joked to the instructor as he shook his hand: “that’s cruel.”

One of the children retorted: “We survived.”

To which The Prince teased: “How did you allow this to happen? I’m serious, look, how did you allow that to happen?

“I think what you need to do is you need to remake it and then put him [the instructor] in it.”

Along with learning how to build fires and shelters, pupils are also familiarising themselves with other skills like mindfulness and Nettle tea making. The Prince also heard about the charity’s Turnaround programme. This programme is for youth between ages 15 and 21; it utilises outdoor adventures and intensive mentoring to help these young people overcome family, social, and personal problems.

The programme has been effective for many of its graduates; 83% of whom move on to further their education or find sustainable employment.

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