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Prince Harry visits Nottingham

Prince Harry is currently in Nottingham undertaking a day of engagements in the city famous for its connections with Robin Hood.

The Prince arrived in Nottingham at around 12:30pm where he went straight to officially open the city’s new Central Police Station in Byron House.

As his car arrived at the station, the Prince walked up to the crowd much to their delight and excitement. The fifth-in-line to the throne undertook a brief impromptu walkabout which wasn’t planned.

Some of the crowd told Harry that they had been stood outside the police station since 8am in the morning to get a glimpse of the Prince.

A lady in the crowd presents the Prince with a white rose (Photo copyright: Charlie Proctor)

A lady in the crowd presents the Prince with a white rose (Photo copyright: Charlie Proctor)

It is the third time Prince Harry has visited Nottingham in less than four years.

The new police station is a combined hub with staff from Nottingham City Council. As well as opening the station, Harry met neighbourhood policing teams and council staff. He also discovered how young people are gaining experience with both organisations through apprenticeships and Police Cadets.

From there the Prince travelled to the National Ice Centre in Nottingham, perhaps best known for it being the place where Torvill & Dean trained. The Ice Centre is one of the partners involved in Nottingham’s Coach Core sporting apprenticeships. These apprenticeships provide opportunities for young people aged between 18 and 24 to train as sports coaches. Nottingham has teams near the top of the tree in a number of sports, and some are involved with the Royal Foundation including Nottingham Forest FC, Notts County FC and Northamptonshire Cricket Club.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the National Ice Centre to see Harry arrive. Again, many had been outside the centre since the early hours of the morning.

Later this afternoon he will go to visit a project in St Ann’s which he has visited a number of times officially and unofficially since his first visit in 2013. The Community Recording Studio is home to the Full Effect project which aims to improve the opportunities for young people and reduce youth violence in the area. The scheme has a two-pronged attack; to provide young people with apprenticeships in mentoring and leadership and train them to be youth leaders. At the same time, it works to support primary schoolchildren, working with their schools and families to move them away from the chances of entering a world of youth violence.

The Prince will hear of the positive changes that the programme is bringing to the city and its young people, before dropping in on rehearsals for Hip Hopera. This project supported by Full Effect is aiming to engage young people through the universal media of music. He will also get a chance to people who have already been through the Full Effect programme and are now mentors.

Report by Charlie Proctor in Nottingham, with additional reporting by Peter Anderson.

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