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Prince Harry to visit RAF Honington

Prince Harry will pay a visit to RAF Honington on Thursday 13th November to present 26 Squadron with a new standard. Harry is Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington and was appointed this role in October 2008 by Her Majesty The Queen.

As well as presenting the Squadron with a new standard, Prince Harry will also inspect 26 squadron before taking a seat to watch the parade. RAF Honington also has a new Heritage Centre which Prince Harry will get the chance to see as well as being able to meet service Personnel and their families.

What makes the visit even more significant is the fact that RAF Regiment Squadrons are only presented with new standards every 25 years. Standards are historically used as a rallying point during battle though carry much more significance than that, they personify many years of history and more importantly of service to their Monarch and their country.

Since his appointment as Honorary Air Commandant in 2008, Prince Harry has made numerous visits to RAF Honington, the latest being in February 2012 when he presented various Service Commendations to RAF Personnel and also got the chance to meet servicemen and women who had served in Afghanistan. In July 2010, Harry paid a very poignant visit to the station to present the families of two killed servicemen with the Elizabeth Cross.

RAF Honington, which is located in Suffolk, is the RAF’s centre of Force Protection and also the depot of the Royal Air Force Regiment, who are the ground fighting force of the RAF. The station is also a part of Air Command and is under command of No 2 Group. Construction on Honington airfield began in 1935 and the facilities were opened in 1937 and during the Second World War, the Luftwaffe made several attacks on the airfield one of which killed around twenty airmen.

Harry’s visit to RAF Honington will come just days before the Prince travels to Oman and UAE. 

Featured Photo Credit: Defence Images

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