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Prince Harry to return to Tedworth House

Prince Harry will pay a visit to Heroes Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, on 23 January, it has been announced.

The former British Army Captain will be in South West England to learn more about the range of support which Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds provides in the field of military mental health, a cause he has been championing. The trip falls within a wider campaign he is currently spearheading, along with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

During his visit, the Prince will see programmes designed to promote wellbeing at the centre, before taking a tour around the garden where beneficiaries come to communicate and work in a quiet atmosphere. He is also expected to talk to a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner to learn what happens when people in need of psychological support get in touch.

Prince Harry will have a chat with some Help for Heroes beneficiaries, which will be an important chance for him to listen to their stories and hear how the programmes has made a difference in their life.

Based on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border, Tedworth House provides free and crucial support to both serving and veteran members of the Armed Forces who have been injured or become sick. It is one of four Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes across the country. The three other centres are based in Catterick, Colchester and Plymouth.

Tedworth House has over 50 bedrooms and four family suites, with a range of specialist rooms for adaptive sports, education courses, relaxation and socialising.

This is not the first visit His Royal Highness makes to Tidworth. He was there to open the centre back in 2013 and returned a year later to mark the beginning of selection process for the Invictus Games, during which he described the servicemen and women as ”fighters by nature”.



  • Mr. Christian

    I for one am a little sick and tired at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry with their cheap psychology in Heads Together, when none of have ever studied psychology or psychiatry. Is this just “theraplay” for them practicing doctors without the work to get a doctor’s license all at taxpayer expense. It is a shame they chose mental health for their hobbyhorse charity. As far as I can tell Prince Harry did little more than drop in, as the Duchess of Cambridge did at the Anna Freud Centre. It appears to be little more than playing pretend wit h many people who need competent help as are wounded warriors and troubled families.

    • Elaine Lester

      They are using their status to bring awareness to mental health and by giving their support they encourage others to participate, be it to donate money or volunteer. Don’t forget their mother had issues which they had seen and experience. They’ve seen what depression can do to a person, a loved one. They have never professed to be experts but merely to encourage people to open their minds and hearts and to erase the stigma that is still evident today

      • Mr. Christian

        I respect their mother very much. I will not comment more on my distant relative and occasional correspondent. But, Princess Diana did not avoid helpful advice in her work on poverty, HIV/AIDS, landmines, especially when it came to be combined with respect for her position and a word of encouragement. My last letter from her Private Secretary shortly before Princess Diana’s death reads in conclusion: “Your last letter meant a great deal to the Princess who asked me to send you her sincere thanks.” I wrote the three with due respect about the dangers of Freudianism, especially keeping the effect it might have on Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They ignored and continued to promote it. I also wrote an article about a charity, that would be dear to Princess Diana’s heart, Prince Harry’s Sentebele (“Forget Me Not), an HIV/AIDS treatment center in Africa with two items in mind. First to raise money for it, as Princess Diana’s Foundation had no more money to sustain the work. And, second to be able to purchase the best medicine, eventually finding what one doctor I consulted for the piece, “The Holy Grail” of HIV experts, a vaccine to prevent it. I sent this article to the three, as well as some of the possible publishers to the three and got a runaround from them and what remains of Sentebele. I believe Princess Diana would be a bit angry at her sons for such treatment. And, for the Monarchists I mention only that as the son of a Boyar, I as Prince Harry am a Prince in many countries and would be a potential Tsar in one country. We are of the warrior or administrative class as ancient titles went. And, I sought to help administrate with patience and love their new charities and ones that were in difficulty.

    • Sigi

      I agree with you.

  • mimiUSA

    That is not fair. They are not pretending to doing the counseling and healing themselves. They are raising awareness for the cause thus helping to raise funds as well. It takes lots of money to run a center like this. That is always the aim of support for any project, otherwise people would not know about them and would not be aware of the good work they do in the community.

    • Mr. Christian

      Would you please discuss Freud and the purported oral, anal, phallic stages he and Anna maintained a child goes through from birth to age five. And, then discuss such related theories as The Oedipus complex, that they held boys go through until they identify with the aggressor their father. This is just a taste of Freudian analysis, that I and most American psychologists and many psychiatrist do not accept as valid. Then we can discuss where mental health care can do the most good. I maintain as a holder of a degree in psychology that it is not a wise investment in the Anna Freud Centre.

    • Sigi

      Then they ought to be aware Kate as an exhibitionist really is one who needs mental help. So does the overly “sensitive” snowflake-idiot William.

  • Mr. Christian

    I might add that I asked in a confidential report for the Duchess of Cambridge after talking to a good psychiatrist about the theory and practice of Sigmund and Anna Freud, to get a second opinion of the Anna Freud Centre from alternative experts on child psychology and good teachers before she went their on her own. She merely went their without this well meant advice. I can after repeated efforts to help the three because of Diana, Princess of Wales, that they have no business until they sought help from more competent schools of psychology, and, done some serious reading, that they have no business doing a documentary on mental health. I give up on them until they can practice selfless love with some serious work in these “charities” of theirs. Actually they get funds from the British public for this work; and, as such have a responsibility to do the very best by them. The Queen and others work very hard at their charity work and carry years of work and knowledge into it. Noblesse oblige means if you are a noble you are obliged to your subjects or citizens to do your best for them.

  • Sigi

    Harry’s losing it. In a new DM article he grabbed a serviceman by the beard to straighten a medal on him, as if that was “funny”. Oh yes everyone laughed. The man didn’t deserve being laughed at though. Imagine if the man had grabbed Harry by the face like that ? Can’t be done – so where did Harry get the hypocrite behavior ? Jerk.

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