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Prince Harry…soldier to horse whisperer?

Prince Harry is to meet Monty Roberts, the Queen’s unofficial advisor for her corgis and horses at her Sandringham Estate in the near future. The fifth-in-line to the throne will learn the 81-year-old’s secrets in working with horses so he can continue to assist veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mr Roberts work has already helped transform the lives of US veterans dealing with psychological problems, or ‘hidden wounds’ as he refers to them. Discussing the opportunity of working with Prince Harry, Mr Robert’s says: “The prince has learned of this work and wanted to get a greater understanding. It will be an honour to show him.”

Horse Sense And Healing is a three-day program Roberts has developed to help former soldiers suffering from these hidden wounds. He describes it as a way for veterans to work on communicating with the horse to deal with the emotional and social stressors that are attached to these wounds.

Mr Roberts said: “I call it ‘join-up’. It is a way of communicating with a horse and offers a powerful tool to help deal effectively with the emotional trauma of combat stress and the resulting anger, social withdrawal and mistrust,” Roberts says. “Experiencing a ‘join-up’, and the all-important moment of causing a horse to trust you, can be a powerful catalyst for finding hope and positivity as part of their recovery.”

He adds that horses serve as a ‘mirror’ for the rider’s emotions. The former soldier is able to see this and manage their emotions and responses. This can help them “cope with everyday life, confront painful memories and progress their recovery.”

Mr Roberts describes observing this healing process as “humbling.” The short interaction between horse and human being is a “moving” and “transitional” process. He has helped advise the Queen for over 25 years on all things animal.

He spoke very highly of the monarch saying: “I owe Her Majesty everything. If she hadn’t pushed me, I would still be a cowboy from Salinas and the world would not know about my methods of training horses with non-violence.”

“She always takes my calls. Every year, two, three, four times a year that we get together, we discuss what’s happened, we discuss what we want to do.”

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