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Prince Harry shows he’s still a soldier’s soldier when he writes to injured veteran

Lately Prince Harry has been busy with launching the 2017 Invictus Games, set to take place in Toronto. The 2nd Invictus Games begin in less than a week in Orlando. Supporting injured and wounded vets appears to come naturally to the former soldier Prince. If you need more evidence of his dedication and loyalty to his fellow military brethren, look no further then this get-well-soon campaign he contributed to. Prince Harry recently wrote to an injured war veteran from Hull, showing he’s still a soldier’s soldier. Despite his busy schedule he took the time to write to 31-year-old Lance Corporal Chris Ashton whom friends feared was losing his will to live after surgery earlier this year.

Ten years ago whilst serving in Basra Iraq, Mr. Ashton suffered a grenade to the side of his face. He battled his way back to good health, but earlier this year, he found himself in the Hull Royal Infirmary with cellulitis which is connected with his war injury. The many operations have left him unable to speak and walk. Mr. Ashton has been so distressed, his friends feared he was close to giving up on life. So to bring him back from the abyss and to show that Hull is behind him, they started a campaign in February encouraging people to send him messages of encouragement. Since launching this campaign, he has received thousands of heart-felt letters, emails and posts on social media. Among these was a letter from Prince Harry. A spokesman for the Prince said: “Prince Harry wishes Chris all the best for his continued recovery. It is great to see how Chris’s family, friends and community rallied around him when he needed it. We all have a role to play in supporting veterans who have made such big sacrifices for our country.”

Mr Ashton’s friend, Dereck Hardman runs the Hull Veterans Breakfast Club for ex-military personnel, is responsible for starting the campaign. Dereck had this to say about the story and the outreach of the get-well-soon campaign: “It’s amazing that the story has developed so far,” said Mr Hardman. “I haven’t read the letter for myself because Chris put it away quite quickly in a safe, because I think he was worried about it going missing.” He also spoke of his friend’s reaction to receiving the letter: “He was just absolutely amazed when he received it. It was like getting a letter from another soldier, who could sympathise with what he had been through. It’s monumental that Prince Harry had heard about him and his story and found the time to write to him.”

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