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Prince Harry ‘receives security advice from MI6’

Prince Harry of Wales visits WRNMMCHis Royal Highness Prince Harry recently visited the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 in Vauxhall, London, where he received advice and information on the terror threat in the UK.

The Prince, who is an active soldier in the Army Air Corps, visited MI6’s headquarters just shortly after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

Recently, the media have widely reported that a man was arrested and pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Prince Harry. The Muslim convert now faces a long sentence in prison.

Prince Harry’s security has been a concern for a while. As both a serving officer in the Army and a high-profile member of the Royal Family, he remains a target for extremists.

The Daily Telegraph say that his visit was in his capacity as a Prince rather than an Army Officer.

A source told the Sun newspaper: “He was briefed on the jihadist threat. Harry described the death of Drummer Rigby as ‘truly shocking’ and ‘a tragedy’.”

Prince Harry attended the meeting with MI6 on Monday, according to the Sun’s report.

MI6 is the UK’s secret intelligence service, they deal with gathering information about threats to the United Kingdom. Together with their counterparts at MI5 (who deal with terrorism threats) and GCHQ (often forgotten) who deal with protecting information and works with technology to help security services combat terrorism.

photo credit: MilitaryHealth via photopin cc

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