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Prince Harry opens Royal Marine centre in Plymouth


Prince Harry was all smiles on Friday as he opened a £30 million Royal Navy centre in the seaside city of Plymouth. It’s been said that the centre will create improvements towards Britain’s ability to fight on land and in water. The 28-year-old prince, who was wearing his Army Air Corps beret and service dress of the Household Cavalry, took the time to speak and joke with Royal Marines and their families, speaking candidly about the weather. “Typical British,” he said, “We complain when it’s too hot and we complain when it’s too cold.”

Harry also opened a new training block named the Francis Building, in honor of Royal Marine Colour Sergeant Michael James Francis. As Col. Sgt. Francis was unable to attend due to health conditions, his wife Marie Francis took his place. While meeting with Mrs. Francis, Harry was heard to have said that her husband was an “amazing man, truly remarkable.”

Commanding officer of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines, Colonel Garth Manger, was pleased to have the Prince of Wales among his servicemen and women and appreciative for what this new centre means for the future of the Royal Marines. “It’s the Royal Navy’s amphibious centre of excellence which means a great deal to the navy and defence. It means all the Navy’s assets for amphibious warfare will all be located in one place. I will be able to deliver that capability to the front line in a far better and streamlined manner then I’ve been able to do so far. With Prince Harry as a professional soldier himself he will see this capability and understand exactly what it means.”

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

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