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Prince Harry joins Michelle Obama in surprising students

Prince Harry joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in surprising close to 20 students at Hyde Park Academy in Mrs Obama’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Hyde Park Academy is a high school on the South Side, the area where Mrs Obama grew up, and across from the future site of the Obama Presidential Center.

The Prince and Mrs Obama spoke to the students for over an hour about “the importance of young people staying inspired and the power of students using their voices to change the world,” according to Kensington Palace. They also discussed how the Obama Presidential Center will “showcase the South Side of Chicago” across the globe.

Mrs Obama wanted to speak to several of the future leaders in the high school who have inspired their own generation and are due to participate in the work of the Obama Foundation.

On Twitter, the popular former First Lady of the United States thanked His Royal Highness for joining her saying, “Thanks to my friend Prince Harry for joining me in my hometown to surprise these outstanding students! #ReachHigher #ObamaSummit.”


In a statement provided to ABC News, Caroline Adler Morales, the communications director for Michelle Obama, said, “The warm and wide-ranging conversation, lasting over an hour, covered how the Obama Presidential Center will showcase the South Side of Chicago for a global audience, the importance of young people staying inspired and hopeful, and the transformative power of students using their voices to change the world.”

Prince Harry was in Chicago to join former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the Inaugural Summit of the Obama Foundation yesterday evening. The Prince spoke during a panel discussion about his time in the military and losing his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


Prince Harry and the Obamas have had a warm, friendly relationship over the past several years. Mrs Obama was a big supporter of the 2016 Invictus Games that were held in Orlando, Florida, and headlined the opening ceremony. She and President Obama also travelled to Toronto this year for the 2017 Invictus Games to cheer on the Americans competing.

Prince Harry, alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed the couple to Kensington Palace in April 2016 for a dinner, and Harry met the former President when the latter was on a trip to Europe this year during a stop in London. President and Mrs Obama also travelled to the United Kingdom on an official state visit in 2011.

  • Mr. Christian

    Dear Queen Elizabeth: This is about the tenth visit between Prince Harry and the Obamas, where Michel Obama is preparing to run for President in 2020. This interference in the internal affairs of the U.S., where Prince Harry is being as obvious as President Putin in the 2016 elections must cease. He even puts the death of his mother for political or finan

    • Sigi

      Really ? Michael better not run for Prez, his high heels are probably killing him and that will slow him down. Fascinatingly gross that Harry’s associating with the O’Bummers. I always knew the RF are globalists and hoped Harry wasn’t really as bad as the rest of them. Clearly though,he is – !

      • Bob Cusack

        oh…of course. you WOULD be a trump fan. explains everything.

        • Sigi

          Talking to me, you b*tch ?

          • Bob Cusack

            you, or any other vulgar generic Trump supporter…you pretty much all say the same moronic drivel

          • Sigi

            I know you have a crush on me.

  • joyce

    This is such nonsense. Go find something ELSE to do with your time.!!!!!

    • Sigi

      Go get a face lift.

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