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Prince Harry: Helping Sick and Injured Soldiers

Inspired by his creation of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry has taken his new position in the Army in London. He will report to London District’s Personnel Recovery Unit and work side by side with other specialists to help wounded, injured and even sick soldiers either report back to duty, or transition into their civilian life.

Prince Harry Launches The Invictus Games

There are 11 Personnel Recovery Units located across the United Kingdom and Germany: Edinburgh, Preston, Catterick, Brecon, Donnington, Chilwell, Tidworth, Aldershot, London, Lisburn, and Sennelager. A soldier is transferred to a PRU if their illness or injury can’t be treated at the Commander’s level. According to the Ministry of Defence, there are a number of reasons why a soldier is transferred such as the severity of their disability, a soldier is currently on home recovery duty, or if the soldier is too disabled to deploy with the unit.

The PRU is not a residential facility, and often a soldier is transferred to the closest one to their residence. Once a soldier arrives at the PRU they are assigned to a Personnel Recovery Officer who is dedicated to assisting them throughout the recovery process – a task that Captain Wales is more than prepared for.

After the success of the Invictus Games last year, it is clear that Prince Harry has found his passion in life as his dedication to helping wounded soldiers is unmatched by others.

While assigned to the London PRU, Prince Harry will continue to visit other recovery centres around the UK to include other partner agencies and charities that are supported by the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Recovery Capability Initiative. This initiative partners with Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion-both proud supporters of the Invictus Games.

Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion also work to ensure that wounded, injured and sick personnel have all the resources they need to transition into a successful civilian life.

Photo Credit: Invictus Games 2014

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