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Prince Harry flies Apache helicopter in Shropshire air show

Captain Wales (left) with the team he was flying with today.

Captain Wales (left) with the team he was flying with today.

His Royal Highness Prince Harry was today at the RAF Cosford Air Show in Shropshire, where he flew his Apache helicopter for hundreds of observers who attended the show.

Captain Wales, as he is in the Army, is an Officer in the Army Air Corps.

Today’s air show included Captain Wales’s team in an Army attack helicopter display at the show.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim de la Rue said to the London Evening Standard: “This year the pool of display aircrew have been drawn from 662 Squadron AAC which has recently returned from a very successful operational tour of Afghanistan.

“Today’s aerial display crew was Staff Sergeant Jamie Boakes, as pilot, and Captain Phil Wilson and Captain Wales as the two front seat co-pilot gunners; all of whom are delighted to have been selected for their respective roles this summer.”

Prince Harry serves in the Army as an officer and has been on several tours of duty. Most recently, he returned in January from Afghanistan where he was on a tour of duty with the Army Air Corps, who supply air support to ground troops in the war zone.

Photo Credit: The MOD

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