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Prince Harry embarrassed in Antigua when Prime Minister tells him that he and Meghan Markle are welcome there on their honeymoon

On his second day in the Caribbean, Prince Harry was left red-faced when Prime Minister Gaston Browne told His Royal Highness, in front of 300 guests, “I believe we are expecting a new princess soon.”

He then added, “I just want to say that should you make the decision to honeymoon – then Antigua and Barbuda want to welcome you. We have been voted consistently as the best honeymoon destination in the Caribbean – and one of the best in the world – so there will be nowhere in the world as special to spend your honeymoon when that day arrives.”

According to Express reporter Richard Palmer, Harry, who has only been dating Meghan Markle for a few months, grimaced and looked at his feet while Mr Browne spoke. His Royal Highness then attempted to avoid eye contact as Prime Minister Browne continued to speak.

Before Harry was to meet beauty queens on the island, he was further embarrassed when the Prime Minister joked, “Whatever is done here, stays here. So do not worry.”

The remarks were made at a party Prime Minister Browne hosted at Barnacle Point in Antigua.

After the Prime Minister had concluded his speech, he spoke with some of the assembled reporters and told them, “I believe Meghan is a very beautiful looking girl, they make a very good looking couple. I hope that Harry and Meghan come here for some quiet time very soon.”

Prince Harry also presented Mr Browne with a photo album on behalf of The Queen, which contained pictures from Her Majesty and Prince Philip’s 1977 trip to the island.

Prince Harry only recently confirmed the relationship with Ms Markle, an American actress, through a letter released by Kensington Palace asking for privacy and the unnecessary harassment of his girlfriend to stop. In the letter released on 8 November, Kensington Palace said that Ms Markle had been subjected to a “wave of abuse and harassment.”

This abuse includes racism in comment pieces, smears on the front pages of newspapers, and online internet trolls tormenting her with racist and sexist comments.

His Royal Highness has also recently said he would personally pay for a retired Scotland Yard Protection Officer to keep her safe.

Prince Harry’s trip continues tomorrow, 22 November, when he will travel to Barbuda for a series of engagements before returning to Antigua.

  • Kathleen Ames

    If he can’t do the time he shouldn’t do the crime. Harry’s secret, whether short term or longer, is out. So he must accept the jokes.

    • CP

      It’s a relationship not an engagement. How would you like it if in the early days of your relationship, complete strangers started making assumptions about babies and honeymoons. It’s rude. Even more so when you are out there doing ambassadorial work. You can bet when he does eventual marry IF he marries, He will not be going to Antigua and Barbuda! There are boundaries of social behaviour and too many people are stepping well over boundaries that I doubt his OWN family have gone anywhere near.

      • Kathleen Ames

        I agree with all you’ve said. But it will not stop the hints, suggestions and jibes so he has to man up and get on with it!

    • VikkiB

      If Kensington Palace put out an official letter of the relationship, as it states in the article, then it isn’t a secret! Stating that ‘we are expecting a new Princess soon’ is inferring that someone is pregnant, since the wife of a Prince NEVER carries the title of Princess – and no, Diana was never Princess Diana, she was Diana, Princess of Wales taking her husband’s title, the Prince of Wales. And what you are saying with ‘if he can’t do the time, he shouldn’t do the crime,’ is that he shouldn’t date anyone unless he is going to marry them, which is asinine. I think this is insulting to Harry and also to Ms Markle – how do you think she feels?

      • Maddy

        The wife of a Prince ALWAYS carries the title of Princess. Just not Princess [Her Name]. It’s Princess Charles, Princess William, Princess Edward, Princess Richard, Princess Edward…and Princess Michael. We don’t refer to most of them that way, Princess Michael of Kent excepted, because all the other princes have dukedoms or earldoms which outrank their princely title, as dukedoms and earldoms are substantive titles as opposed to courtesy ones.

        But yeah, what the PM said was HIGHLY inappropriate, but not technically incorrect.

        • CeeStar

          Princess Edward?

          • VikkiB

            Yes, because unless they are born of Royalty, they are NOT Princesses in their own right. For example, Diana, Princess of Wales’s not Princess Diana, as she took the feminine form of her husbands title. This is akin to Miss Anne Jones marrying John Smith and becoming Mrs John Smith.

          • Maddy

            Yeah. There are two Prince Edwards currently (Earl of Wessex and Duke of Kent), so there are two Princess Edwards (Sophie and Katharine).

          • Kathleen Ames

            Or even Catherine!

          • Kathleen Ames

            Yes. Correct. As the wife of a Prince she takes his style and title. But she should not be addressed by that name. Her correct title is Countess of Wessex as decreed by Letters Patent on the day of her marriage, the day Prince Edward was created Earl of Wessex.

        • Kathleen Ames

          Sophie, Countess of Wessex has never actually been Princess Edward nor is she now. On the day of her marriage HM The Queen issued Letters Patent that henceforth Edward would be Earl of WEssex and Sophie Countess of Wessex with children of that marriage taking the titles commensurate with an Earl. Hence their titles are Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor. This is in line with the trend to reduce the number of senior royal titles.

          • Maddy

            Yep, she’s been Princess Edward since the day she married Edward. It’s just how royal titles work in the UK. Instead of being Princess Sophie, like they do it in Denmark or Sweden, she’s Princess Edward. The Brits follow the German tradition. Sophie has the feminine version of every single one of her husband’s titles. Like every woman who marries into the royal family.

            Sophie is Her Royal Highness The Princess Edward, Countess of Wessex, Viscountess Severn.

            The titles of Edward and Sophie’s children have no impact on Sophie’s titles.

          • Kathleen Ames

            You are technically correct but it is not a title by which she should be addressed. Her title is Countess of Wessex and the others are in written documents or Royal Proclamations only

          • Maddy

            Yes, she should be addressed by her highest ranked title, which is why we call her The Countess of Wessex. The viscountcy being lower ranked than an earldom, and the princely title being a courtesy title instead of a substantive one. It doesn’t mean she’s not a princess or a viscountess though.

            You do get interesting variants. Such as when some royals are known by titles corresponding to different areas of the UK. Or how Camilla has chosen not to be known as The Princess of Wales even though she is The Princess of Wales.

          • Kathleen Ames

            Buckingham Palace or Prince Charles decided that due to the wave of emotion at Diana’s death, respect for her and for her sons, plus the ill feeling shown by some people to Camilla, the title which is still associated in our minds with Diana, it would not be used at this time. Camilla has taken the first of Prince Charles’ many titles that are his by right of descent rather than one that was invested by Her Majesty.

      • Kathleen Ames

        Not at all I meant he is a public figure and he has to take the criticisms and comments whether he likes it or not, I didn’t comment whether it was good or bad but iii is a fact!!

        • VikkiB

          Not sure why this was addressed to me as I hadn’t actually replied to you but perhaps the posts are not in perfect chronological order.

          • Kathleen Ames

            Sorry Vicky I may/must have clicked on the wrong ‘reply’. Currently got a thumb in plaster

      • Kathleen Ames

        Oh PS. Miss Markle is hardly a shrinking violet to be concerned about tasteless jokes since she posts hundreds of pictures of herself in her underwear on line on a daily basis and invokes more than one million likes a day. I hardly think this joke will have phased her in any way.

        • VikkiB

          I wasn’t thinking that it would phase her – I was thinking how inappropriate it is for people to assume that just because you are dating, that marriage is on the cards. And while, I’m sure Ms Markle might not be concerned with what the Prime Minister said, I imagine that she might feel a tad upset that her boyfriend showed obvious discomfort at the mention of their marriage. All in all, I believe this was a tactless remark and definitely not etiquette. You may differ and that’s ok too, we are all entitled to opinions.

      • Kathleen Ames

        If the PM was as uncouth as to refer to a ‘new princess’ I suspect he did not know that it inferred a pregnancy. If he had known he would have said a ‘a new Prince or Princess’. I suspect that, like a lot of people on this site, he did not even know that the wife of a Prince is NOT called a Princess

    • Cymru507

      Whether it’s a member of the Royal Family or your pizza delivery person, what makes you think publicly embarrassing them is remotely okay? If that’s your credo in life, I suspect you don’t have many friends.

      • Kathleen Ames

        I have a great many actually. He is a public figure. I agree with all the comments about assumptions and manners but that will not stop the jokes so he will have to learn to live with it!


    God save the Queen.

  • Vancouverois

    I’m sure the PMs comments weren’t meant to be malicious, but they weren’t in the best of taste.

  • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

    Even the prime minister took the micky out of the prince, well it shows he has to earn his respect. no one will take him seriously, if he stay with this girl, she´s not the right one for Harry. they will start to disowned him soon.

  • PrincessHarriet

    Thsee articles are very distasteful and are biased. Did the prince say to you guys that he was embarrassed? What is wrong with the prime minister marketing us as a honeymoon destination? We need to market ourselves since the country hasn’t caught itself from independence from the crown. And yes colonisation embarrassed us too, why don’t u write about that?

    The racism to the gf is coming from England not us, so work on that

  • SuzieQ

    What a load of “know it all’s” we have on here this morning and suppose, but please correct me if I am wrong, these commentators are insiders of the Royal Family…..doh

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