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Prince Harry cornered into minute of silence for Fidel Castro

On Friday, the world learned that the Cuban revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, died at the age of 90.

Prince Harry, who is currently on a two-week tour of the Caribbean, was corned into a minute of silence for the communist leader while on the island of St Vincent.

While with the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Unity Labour party leader, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Prince Harry and others at a reception hosted by Governor General, Sir Fredrick Ballantyne was asked to mark Casto’s death.

Dr Gonsalves, whose party is in power, has described Castro as a dear friend of the country.

Speaking to the Mail, Conservative MPs were clearly upset that Prince Harry was put in this situation with Alec Shelbrooke saying: “Castro was a murderous dictator. He is dead, and good riddance. This endless stream of people excusing him, especially Labour MPs like Jeremy Corbyn, is ridiculous. It is very unfair to put pressure on members of the royal family to take part in this kind of tribute.”

Michael Fabricant, also part of the Conservatives, said: “I am no fan of Fidel Castro, who was more of a tyrant than an enlightened leader. But I am a fan of Prince Harry. It must have been an awkward moment for him but hey, what else could he do?”

Castro’s death has caused controversy across the world with many upset over any world leaders who have expressed condolences for the radical leader, including that of Canadian Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau who even went as far as to say that his “father was very proud to call him a friend.”.

Other statements have included that of Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, who said: “To all the revolutionaries of the world, we have to continue his legacy and his flag of independence, of socialism, of homeland.”

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa said: “He was a great one. Fidel is dead. Long live Cuba! Long live Latin America!”

Kensington Palace was approached by The Guardian, but refused to comment.

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