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Prince Harry charms his way through Copenhagen

If there was one word to describe Prince Harry’s first day in Copenhagen, it would be ‘charm’.

The fifth-in-line to the throne spent the first of two-day trip bringing delight to everywhere he went.

Starting off his morning with Queen Margarethe II at Amalienborg Palace, the two were photographed laughing. Queen Margarethe looking absolutely delighted. The two have met on many occasions previous, including the 2012 Olympics. The Queen Mother’s funeral, the Diamond Jubilee Lunch among others.


Prince Harry also praised the “brillant” 28-year-old Noura Bittar Soeborg, who fled to Copenhagen from her war-torn home country of Syria. The mother of one is now married to a Danish man but hopes that one day she may visit Syria again.

Of her courage, Prince Harry said: “Your resilience is just amazing. To come through what you have experienced and make something so positive is brilliant. Well done.”

Soeborg is now part of the KPH Project which allows for start-ups and small businesses to connect to improve the society around them through working with social, cultural and environmental issues.

He ended his day at the famed Tivoli Gardens which were decorated for Halloween next week and despite the seriousness of the evening around Brexit, Prince Harry still warmed the guests, saying:  “This trip is a clear reminder of the shared values and strong alliance the UK has with Denmark.

“Our two countries have an unbreakable bond which is as strong now as it ever has been.”

Tomorrow, Prince Harry will have a visit close to his heart when he sees a project that works to rehabilitate wounded Danish Armed Forces soldiers. Prince Joachim and members of the Denmark Invictus Game team are also involved. Prince Harry just saw many of the team members last month in Toronto as they competed at the 2016 Invictus Games.

Finishing off his quick trip will be a conference on ‘Making a Difference’ held in the Ørestad Gymnasium at a High School. The school is part of a collection of global changemaker schools; they have partner schools in the UK.

  • Sigi

    ?????? Why worship him ? Wake up. It’s 2017.

  • HotMess88

    It’s most helpful that Harry can rise to the occasion in his public persona because I’m afraid he’s made quite a fool of himself in his private life during the last year or so.

    • Constantly

      What has he done in the last year or so?

      • HotMess88

        He’s hooked up with a grasping D-grade “actress”. Great addition to the RF.

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