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Prince Harry bids New Zealand ‘poroporoaki’ but plays a little footie first before leaving

Friday in Auckland saw Prince Harry enjoying himself, and it seemed apparent those who met the Prince, enjoyed his company as well. Whether it was laughing whilst playing pool or table tennis or being cheeky a plopping and purple handprint on photographer Arthur J. Edwards’s head. Harry showed the side everyone adores and loves, the playful, fun-loving prince.

Saturday was the final day of #RoyalVisitNZ. As much as New Zealanders are sad to see Harry leave, they will certainly be left with fond memories of the ginger-haired royal.

Prince Harry post-match in his New Zealand team shirt. Photo Credit: Emily Nash @emynash

Prince Harry post-match in his New Zealand team shirt. Photo Credit: Emily Nash @emynash

Two sport-themed engagements in Auckland were slated for the Harry’s last day. The first was an event at The Cloud to promote the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

New Zealand will play host to FIFA U-20 from 30th May to 20 June this year.

Prior to taking the pitch in some 5 on 5 competition, Harry joined a few groups to have a go at kicking the ball around and testing his skills playing a bit of ‘keepy uppy.’

The event saw the exhibition arena transformed into a mini football stadium. Harry captained a five a side football match of a New Zealand team of 12-14-year-old players.

Prince Harry showed some footie prowess on Saturday. The 30-year-old prince was undeterred by the younger players and scored the winning goal. His New Zealand team beat the All Stars 8-7.

After his game-winning goal, Harry spoke with the players and took a moment to check out the FIFA U-20 World Cup that one lucky team will be able to hoist when crowned champions next month.

Upon leaving Harry meet with those gathered who waited to catch a glimpse of him as he prepares to head back to the UK. Harry walked around the waterfront at Auckland Harbour in front of the Cloud. There were throngs of excited people both young and old waiting to get possibly a chance to shake the hand of a royal. During his walkabout, Harry received numerous gifts, including a few books for his nephew and niece, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Harry celebrates scoring the winner in his New Zealand team's 8-7 victory over the All Stars. Photo Credit: Emily Nash @emynash

Harry celebrates scoring the winner in his New Zealand team’s 8-7 victory over the All Stars. Photo Credit: Emily Nash @emynash

The final event of the day and the visit was a stop to the AUT Millennium Institute. The Institute is a sports facility for high performance and rising athletes. It offers an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an outdoor running track, five world-class sports science clinics, multiple gyms and powerlifting facilities.

Prince Harry viewed some of the Institutes analytical and training equipment and met groups of New Zealand Sportsmen and women including Paralympic Champion Sophie Pascoe and Triathlon Olympic Gold medalist Hamish Carter.

One can confidently say #RoyalVisitNZ was a success. Prince Harry has become truly a global ambassador for the Royal Family. His compassion for people from all walks of life coupled with his fun loving nature did earn him the title of ‘The People’s Prince’ this trip.

Photo Credits: Emily Nash @emynash

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