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Prince Harry At London Marathon Finishing Line, Explains Why William & Kate Weren’t Running

Prince Harry was today at the London Marathon finishing line, congratulating runners as they passed.

Prince Harry, who is the patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, gave the winners their medals. He said it was “never an option” that he would not be at the race because of security fears following the Boston bombings.

He told the BBC: “The way that Boston has dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. “It’s never going to get anyone down here…everyone comes together.”

Earlier on, on being asked why his brother, the Duke of Cambridge and sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge weren’t competing in the Marathon, he retorted, “He’s old and she’s pregnant,” much to the amusement of those present.


Prince Harry leaving Clarence House this morning, past sentries stood guard, presenting arms.

Prince Harry only had to step outside his home Clarence House today to join in the action. HE came out of the main entrance this morning past the two sentries who stand guard outside the house (as it is the official residence of the Prince of Wales), who promptly presented arms.

He seemed really to be enjoying himself today and soaking up the atmosphere and sunshine on the mall as he cheered runners past the finishing line.

In other news, his sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge attended a gathering of the Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty also resided today celebrating her 87th birthday in private.

Photo Credit: BBC News

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