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#NotMyPrince ‘anti-colonial welcoming committee’ poised for Prince Harry’s visit to Caribbean

Prince Harry will be travelling to the Caribbean on behalf of his grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who wanted to take the trip herself but could not handle the long flight.

While many are excited to see Prince Harry, the #NotMyPrince campaign is less than thrilled.

The self-proclaimed “anti-colonial welcoming committee for Prince Harry” is against the influence that the United Kingdom has over the nations.

Most Caribbean territories have long been independent from the U.K, but as many are members of the Commonwealth their political and judicial systems follow that of the United Kingdom. The group also points out how popular Cricket is and the fact that people drive on the left-hand side of the road.

The group’s Tumblr page describes their goal as “breaking the bonds of empire” and uses the hashtag #NotMyPrince on Twitter to encourage others to join in the discussion.

Creator Nalini Mohabir wants the Caribbean to develop their own identity and is against plans like that of Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who wanted to make a “little England”. Many in the country would like it to become a republic and replace Her Majesty with a president, but so far the discussions surrounding the debate have not come to fruition.

The group would also like the United Kingdom to pay reparations for its part in the transatlantic slave trade. They have quoted many famous West Indians who for decades have wished for their own identity, letting their followers know that this is not a new dialogue.

Prince Harry will start his tour on 20 November in Antigua. Throughout his two week trip we will spend time in St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Guyana and Barbados. While in Barbados, Prince Harry will be meeting the singer Rihanna at her concert.


  • Mr. Christian

    I have no comment except to wish Prince Harry, a distant relative God speed. There is an old friend of mine in Guyana, the former Attorney General, Fred Wills. He was educated in part in Britain, where he encountered racial discrimination, which might interest Prince Harry and others in Britain. He was a great Shakespearian and taught excellent classes, that may now be lost. He has the Fred prize for great drama. If any of his work can be found on Shakespeare it would be well worthwhile for all budding thespians. He also gave a famous speech to the UN, as representing the non-aligned movement. God rest his soul.

  • jacqueline nemorin

    Harry is self to blame! he is not behaving himself like a prince, but like a commoner. The girl he try to present to the Queen as girlfriend is going to burn him like it did with Furgie did with his Uncle Andrew. sex and drug and rock and role will not be the thing to do if you are a prince. and people will be picking of him cus of his dad issue etc., too bad.

    • Kat Love

      I hope he doesn’t end up marrying her.

  • Adriaan van Liere

    If it weren’t for colonialism, none of these protestors would even be living in the Caribbean to begin with, in fact, they probably wouldn’t even have been born.

  • Johannes du Preez

    The monarchy needs to start behaving more sternly in the general public. But I do wish Prince Harry well.

  • Kat Love

    Harry the most popular royal after The Queen he will be fine!

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