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Like his mother, Prince Harry deserves to take a breath

Dealing with close, irritating media scrutiny is nothing new to him. In the end, Prince Harry has been living with it for three decades. His mother, brother, grandmother and nearly every other member of the royal family have been there before. Journalists scrambling to snatch a headline have existed around every corner. And we know that many of them care not about the potential damage they are causing.

Prince Harry’s private life, we may say, has attracted even more attention than his brother’s when he was in his place. To be fair to him, the ‘world’s most eligible bachelor’ has shown the patience of a saint throughout the years. His honesty and straightforwardness on the subject is why this attention has reached a boiling point.

But, as Kensington Palace frankly put it, stories addressing his love life with Meghan Markel have crossed a line. It is no more about preserving his privacy, it is about protecting who might be his wife in the future. Protecting his passion for her. Protecting her family and everything that comes with this love. These are values that everyone of us strive to champion

In other words, the prince is now waging a war on racism and harassment inflicted by many commentators in the press and on social media. For all the incredible work he has been doing to fight such ‘social diseases’ and the injustice done to many around the world, he is now fighting a new battle- a personal one.

Nearly six months ago, the fifth to the throne launched a stark warning in the shape of ‘’I am fed up’’ statement. He appeared on the BBC to tell the world that he was open to the idea of marriage, but pledged to always fight to protect any relationship he would become part of. Today, he is delivering on that promise.

It was probably no coincidence that he came with such a finger-wagging from America. Since then, rumours would not go away and Kensington Palace, once again, has come out to remind us that ‘’Royals are people with hearts and emotions just like the rest of us.’’

The prince’s heartfelt appeal should and will be heeded. Inside the country, we can expect Fleet Street to start dedicating front pages to another issue. But we can also expect international press, particularly in America, to come back with more microscopes pointed in the direction of Kensington Palace. Because let us not kid ourselves, no paper would dream of a more mouth-watering subject than a British royal being in relationship with a Hollywood actress.

We hope that today’s warning has hammered home. It was only sensible for him to draw a line and tell the media that ‘’this is not a game.’’ We we can bet on Prince Harry emerging victorious. He is a bold and brave royal who has the support of the people.

And the media cannot begrudge him that.

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