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Former Minister Ann Widdecombe criticised for branding Meghan Markle as ‘trouble’

Former right-wing conservative MP, Ann Widdecombe, now reality television contestant, has been branded a “racist.” The viewers of the Channel 5 show, “Celebrity Big Brother” were less than impressed with her comments about Meghan Markle on Tuesday’s episode of the show.

Widdecombe commented: “I think she’s trouble […] background, attitude. I worry.”

Contestant Rachel Johnson added: “She’s older than him, she’s been married before….”

“Yes,” Widdecombe agreed. “I add it all up and I’m uneasy.”

The backlash against the 70-year-old was instantaneous. One angry viewer wrote on social media: “Ann Widdecombe, the prehistoric right wing Tory! Meghan Markle ‘is trouble’ thinly-veiled words for ‘she’s black’ @bbuk #CBB #racist”.

While another said: “Ann is worried about Meghan Markle because of her background and attitude??? I smell racism”.

“Sorry Ann, you do not diss my Meghan. She has no ‘attitude’ but we all know what you’re alluding to… #cbb”, tweeted a third.

The crowds who gathered to greet Harry and Meghan for their engagement in Brixton, the heart of London’s Caribbean community couldn’t disagree more with the former MP’s comments. People screamed and cheered as the pair arrived. Holding hands, Harry and Meghan waved to the crowd. Their 45-minute visit lasted for over an hour with the couple meeting future music producers, station managers and DJs.

During their visit to Reprezent, a nonprofit that works with youth, Meghan joked, chatted and hugged the radio presenters. Prince Harry exchanged an extravagant fist bump with a DJ.

Jeremiah Asiamah, 20, summed up their visit and Meghan: “They became family in the space of five minutes. “She (is) beautiful, such an amazing character, if there’s any way you could describe a power couple in this modern day and age, it’s definitely them.”

It appears Ann Widdecombe is in a class by herself; Meghan Markle has charmed and smiled her way into the hearts of the people. They not only see her intelligence and beauty but her compassion and humour. They see how happy and at ease Harry is with her. Isn’t that all that should matter?

  • maigualida lopez de vasquez

    This woman talks about Meghan Markle previous marriage as trouble but she forgets or purposely ignores that Prince Charles, Camilla Parker or Pricess anne are as well divorced. I think she is not worry about Meghan divorcée status but her skin color.

    • PennieP.

      Where does she say “skin color “??
      The same was said about Camilla, too. Does that mean her skin color was wrong?

  • Nells Mc

    Explains why she is still a virgin.

  • Mike Biswell

    Best way to deal with Widdecombe is to ignore her; her comments have no validity and HRH and Megan will not be bothered.

    • PennieP.

      Why? I agree with Widdecombe. Just look back at what she did with Husband#1, and the guy she was living with when she went on a ” blind date” with Harry.. Where are her 2 rescue Dogs? Her Father lives in squalor.
      I can go on and on.. Yet, her “color” doesn’t make her trouble..her nasty attitude does.

      • Caroline

        your peculiar fixation on the woman just never ends

  • jacqueline nemorin

    why don´t we all say that MRS MM is white!
    would that be better for everyone?
    It´s not racist to call someone black or coloured if their skin is black or coloured
    it is what it is…duhrrrrrrr.

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