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Emma Dent Coad MP: ‘I made a joke and it has been taken the wrong way’

The MP at the centre of a media storm following comments she made about the Monarchy has released a statement saying she had ‘made a joke’, and her comments ‘were taken the wrong way.’

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference, Emma Dent Coad MP told a group of activists that Harry can’t actually fly a helicopter and “just sits there going ‘vroom vroom.’”

At an anti-monarchy meeting, Ms Dent Coad said that she is ‘The Royal Family’s worst nightmare’ and made claims about Prince Harry, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Edinburgh.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, The 62-year-old said: “As MP for Kensington, where I was born and bred, I am ashamed of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s status as the most unequal borough in Britain.

“The government has recently found £3bn to restore Buckingham Palace, a palace with 52 Royal and guest bedrooms and over 188 staff bedrooms. It is lived in by just three members of the Royal Family. In addition, the government finds £3bn a year to support the Royal Family, including millions to refurbish apartments for their use in Kensington Palace.

“Meanwhile, a short walk away, survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have been abandoned in pokey hotel rooms for 15 weeks because there are no homes available for them.”

She adds: “Many of them are refugees, and some are former soldiers. I have total respect for them and the sacrifices they have made for their home countries and for ours. Army veterans are treated very poorly by the government; a close associate served in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned suffering from shock and PTSD. It took years to get a diagnosis, the system is punitive and he suffered unimaginably.

“On Monday night I made a joke. It has been taken the wrong way. Can we look at the real issues facing us now?”

  • Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

    I’d love to “make a joke” at HER expense!!

  • PB

    It wasn’t a joke you are now backtracking , at least own up to your mistakes

  • Jeanne Finbraaten-Myers

    Is there a way she can be impeached she doesn’t belong representing the people of Kensington

  • Kl Wells

    She recently was reported as saying she was told it by a ‘reliable source’. Now it was a joke! And Buckingham Palace is NOT maintained as a ‘private residemce for three people’…it is a building of National and Historical importance, used to welcome distinguished guests, and maintained as such out of public funds. This happens in most countries, even the so called bastion of freedom, America..or does the Right Honourable MP for Kensington believe the White House is full of immigrant refugees??..or the Palace of Versailles, or the various Hapsburg Castles???

  • Heidi

    This woman is behaving beyond stupid, I really pity the people of Kensington and Chelsea that she is supposed to represent, that they have an MP who is so utterly clueless. She clearly has no concept on how the monarchy works or is funded, or the historical and national importance of Buckingham Palace etc. If she worked for a private company and had made remarks that would bring a company into disrepute she would be sacked. Sadly it seems this is acceptable and tolerated in the Labour party.

  • pamela traves

    Her jokes were not Funny.

  • Bobbie Winzor

    Hasn’t even got the guts to stick by her (very wrong) remarks, typical of her sort say things that she thinks her audience wants to hear and when it hits the fan says, ” Oh dear me no I was only joking” Nasty jealous woman.

  • Thpeshul

    She must resign, she won’t as she has no integrity however

  • Heeb

    What a liar. SHe needs to go.

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