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Celebrities back Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

The ‘wounded warrior’ games that Prince Harry has championed in the UK  has received the support of numerous celebrities in a new, short feature.

A video has been released by Invictus Games where celebs, including Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Joanna Lumley, Joss Stone, boxer Ricky Hatton and Sir Bruce Forsyth, read poem ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley. 


Having seen a similar scheme in the USA, Harry made it his mission to bring it to the UK and so the Invictus Games was born. ‘Invictus’ is Latin for ‘unconquered’, making the name wholly appropriate for an event which celebrates injured servicemen and women overcoming their injuries, not being held back by them, and becoming expert athletes in their field. 

Alongside the A-listers, men and women who have been injured in service recite lines from the late-19th century poem; Mary Wilson was thrown from her horse in 2001.  She was unable to pass her Weapons Handling test and was discharged after three operations for her injuries.  Ten years ago, Mary was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; she is to compete in the swimming stakes later this year.

The Invictus Games, supported by Jaguar Land Rover  BT, is an international sports event backed by Prince Harry that will see ‘wounded warriors’ compete in London in September, in a ‘paralympic’ style games. Over 400 wounded and injured men and women, both serving and veteran, will take part in nine sports from 14 countries, showing just what can be achieved, even after being injured.

Actor Daniel Craig has said “Our Armed Forces community have made huge sacrifices in recent years,” he says.  “Please give something back to those who give so much.  Support this September’s Invictus Games.”

“When you hear about the journeys of recovery that these Servicemen and women have been on it’s inspirational.” adds Ricky Hatton, whi appears along side, Example, Stephen Fry and Bear Grylls.

Joanna Lumley OBE says: “The Invictus Games will also generate a wider understanding and respect of those who serve their country and mark the start of a legacy programme to support further employment opportunities for veterans.  That’s something very close to my heart.” Lumley previously supported the successful Gurkha campaign for rights in the UK; her father fought in a Ghurkha regiment in the Second-World War.

When Harry announced the beginning of the Games he said: “I have witnessed first hand how the power of sport can positively impact the lives of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women in their journey of recovery.

“The Invictus Games will focus on what they can achieve post-injury and celebrate their fighting spirit through an inclusive sporting competition that recognises the sacrifice they have made.” The Games are to be held in London at the Olympic Games venues 10th-14th September; tickets are £12.85.

photo credit: UK in Italy via photopin cc

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