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Calling America: 5 Things You Should Know About Prince Harry

Prince Harry being introduced by First Lady, Michelle Obama

Prince Harry being introduced by First Lady, Michelle Obama

His Royal Highness Prince Harry is this week performing a series of engagements in the United State of America. To help y’all over there understand Prince Harry a bit better (if you’re unfamiliar with the life of this much-loved royal) here are five things you should know about him.

1: Prince Harry might be his nickname, but his real name is Henry. In fact, his full name and title is ‘His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales’, ‘Harry’ is a common nickname for members of the Royal Family called Henry and Prince Harry has been called ‘Harry’ since his childhood. You shouldn’t refer to him by his first name, though. Royal protocol dictates that you should refer to him as ‘Your Royal Highness’ at first and then ‘Sir’ in conversation after. American citizens, you do not have to bow to Prince Harry, though you may choose to do so out of respect.

2: Although he performs royal duties on behalf of The Queen and in his own right, he also has a career of his own in the UK Armed Forces. Prince Harry is an officer in the Blues & Royals, where he is known as ‘Captain Wales’. He recently went on a four month tour of duty of Afghanistan with the Army Air Corps, whom he has been with since achieving his pilot’s wings in 2010. Prince Harry, when in the Army, is treated exactly as any other soldier – which is just how he likes it. There is no preferential treatment when serving.

3: As 3rd-in-line to the throne behind his brother Prince William, Prince Harry is unlikely to ever inherit the throne (though just like with everyone in line to the throne, there’s always a chance, however small) and with the impending royal baby, after its birth he will move down to 4th in line to the throne. Prince Harry often performs royal duties in his own right and has many charitable causes he is invested in including his own charity called SENTABLE.

4: Prince Harry is not married, though is known to have a long-term girlfriend called Cressida Bonas, affectionately known as ‘Cressie’. According to some sources, he does have a desire to [eventually] marry Cressida, though she wishes to take things slowly and reportedly isn’t ready for marriage yet.

5: Sorry to disappoint you all, but it is against Royal protocol for members of the Royal Family to sign autographs in case the signature could be taken, forged and used against him at a later point. As a Counsellor of State, Prince Harry cannot afford to give out his signature like a celebrity would, so unfortunately, he won’t be signing any autographs. If one were to ask him to sign an autograph, the likely response (which Prince Charles usually makes) will be, ‘sorry, they don’t allow me to do that’!

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