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A broadcasting conundrum as the Royal Wedding will clash with the FA Cup Final

Within minutes of Kensington Palace announcing that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married on May 19th, people have taken to social media in their masses to complain that it clashes with the FA Cup Final.

The government have been let off the hook with the date of the wedding as there is no need to call a bank holiday, however, many will be unpleased with the clash of events which will fight for TV audiences.

The FA Cup is an annual football competition in the UK and is the oldest football competition in the world.

The BBC is scheduled to air the competition live, however, it is unknown whether the plans will change to take account of the wedding.

Kensington Palace announced this afternoon that the couple will wed on Saturday 19th May.

The confirmation of the exact date follows the announcement in November that the couple will marry in St George’s Chapel located in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The choice of venue means the wedding will be a much smaller affair than that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011 when they got married at Westminster Abbey.

The palace also confirmed that Ms Markle is a protestant and will be baptised and confirmed before the wedding.

The couple wants to involve the public in their big day and details are being worked out on how to achieve this.

  • Helen Hamilton

    Wouldn’t be nice if they could have a nice quiet wedding without all the t.v ‘s and hoopla and let them go off into the sunset so to speak. Then the BBC could broadcast the FA cup final and everyone would be happy..just a thought

    • Colin Burridge

      I Personally won’t be watching the cup final whatever day it is on.

      • Helen Hamilton

        Neither will I , not sure we get it in the states

  • With technology today, just tape one or the other of the events, watch one live and the other later. Personally, I’ll be watching the wedding live! Not much for sports of any kind, so the FA cup final is not something I’ll tape either.

    • Angela Royle

      Its not so much fun watching a recording of either event. If will be especially difficult to keep oneself unaware of the cup final result. I think 2 devices will be neede if families want to watch both. In truth whatever date the royals had picked, would have clashed with something.

  • PennieP.

    I don’t understand the necessity for this Million £GBP Wedding.
    She’s a divorcé, they have to rearrange her Religion, then some extravagant Honeymoon..
    Why don’t these two grown people just do something low key and quit wasting time and money. She claims to be such a Humaterian.. Donate some of the money to a Charity. Selfish both of them. Especially since he’s way down the ladder in succession to this sacred Throne

    • DPJ

      You made a somewhat valid point, until you used the line “sacred Throne”. By saying that, you’d be against this no matter what they decided. They didn’t “rearrange” her Religion, by the way. She’s a Christian now and will be then. Is she converting from Roman Catholic to Anglican? Yes, but that’s a change in denomination.

  • Nikola Munjas

    … CONGRATULATIONS <3 <3 !!!

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