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Prince Harry’s Visit to Help for Heroes Recovery Centre

Prince Harry visited a Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Hampshire yesterday as expected.

Prince Harry willingly commits himself to an endless list of charities, but the Help for Heroes charity is one that lies close to his heart. The fifth to the throne spent a decade serving in the British Armed Forces, being deployed twice to Afghanistan.

Since the announcement that Prince Harry was ending his admirable army career in 2015, he has worked closely with the Help for Heroes charity to ensure that the mental health of veterans, both men and women, is a recognised priority when they return from serving in the military.

Prince Harry’s engagement at Tedworth House in Hampshire on Monday, focused on the Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds programme. The programme is provided through the Help for Heroes charity, it acts as a support system for returning service men and women who are suffering from mental health disorders. The programme also provides assessments for veterans who think they may be suffering from a mental health disorder. The programme is too offered to service personnel’s families.

Prince Harry spoke to veterans who had received support through the Hidden Wounds programme and through other programmes like the Iron Age Round House build and the Hero Garden that have also provided serving men and women with a support network. The Iron Age Round House build and Hero Garden act as part of the support network, they provide veterans with a “space for quiet reflection,” through activities like carpentry and woodcraft.

Harry spoke to a former sniper commander, Mike Day:

“Being told I could never do my job again was a bit of a shock, still is.

“This place and doing all the wood working and stuff is therapeutic. I’ve been carving all these bits in, it’s our own work – no one’s telling us to do it, but you’re working as a team again.”

Prince Harry spoke to many other veterans whom the programmes have helped.

The fifth to the throne addressed the issue of mental health disorders, to veterans by saying: “Getting back your mental as well as your physical fitness is a really important thing. One of the biggest struggles is accepting that there is a problem in the first place.”

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