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The other baby due in the Royal Family

20130716-103609 PM.jpgFor the last few weeks, the whole world has been on Royal Baby watch, waiting for the birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As well as the other exciting news that Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips are expecting a child in the new year, one other baby in the Royal Family appears to have been all-but overlooked.

It has a similar due date to the Royal Baby and will have a place in line to the throne. I am of course talking about the impending child of Lord Freddie Windsor and wife Sophie (Lady Freddie Windsor). Lord Freddie is the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and is currently 40th in line to the throne. Whilst Lord Freddie and his wife do not perform royal duties, their impending child is still of importance in the Royal Family and will still be marked by celebration when it arrives.

As it is expected in August, the baby will probably be born after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child which is due any time now – the Royal Baby will be placed 3rd in line to the throne and will move everyone from Prince Harry down a place.

This means the child of Lord and Lady Freddie will be placed 42nd in line to the throne. It will not have a title.

Prince Michael of Kent, who will be the child’s grandfather, is a cousin of Her Majesty The Queen (through George V) and is excluded from the line of succession because his wife is Catholic. Under the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, when the laws are effected, Prince Michael will be restored to the line of succession.

Prince Michael’s wife, as a point of interest, is known as Princess Michael of Kent. Her real name is Marie Christine. As females take the female form of their husbands’ titles, and Prince Michael held no other titles, she became known as Princess Michael.

Lord Freddie Windsor’s wife is, by the same token, known as Lady Freddie Windsor (her real name being Sophie). Had, for example, Prince William not been given the Dukedom of Cambridge on his wedding day, we would be referring to Kate as ‘Princess William of Wales’ today.

The child of Lord Freddie and Sophie will not be involved in any royal duties in its life and will lead the same sort of life Lord Freddie himself lives.

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