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Princess Eugenie finds new job working in Royal Collection

large_4106271136Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York has become an intern for the Royal Collection. The 23-year-old Princess is said to have started her paid internship for the Royal Collection about three weeks ago. The Royal Collection the organisation which looks after all the Royal Family’s priceless works of art and other famous artwork.

As a qualified Historian of Art, Princess Eugenie has been known to be looking for a job for the last year or so since graduating. The Duke of York’s newly updated website said, “Princess Eugenie is pursuing a career in the art world”.

Princess Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice, currently works in the finance sector, working for what’s described as an ‘unnamed venture capital firm’.

A source told the Daily Express: “You don’t expect to see a member of the Royal Family sitting down at lunchtime having queued up with hundreds of others but Eugenie is doing just that… She’s very friendly and approachable and people at the Royal Collection say she knows her subject well.”

This internship in the Royal Collection is only temporary, but the role is paid (Royal Collection website states interns are paid around £12,500 pro rata) and is in order to give Princess Eugenie more experience in the art world, before taking up a higher post elsewhere in the art world.

Both Princess Eugenie and her sister currently live at St James’s Palace where they have apartments subsidised by their father the Duke of York.

The Princesses both infrequently carry out Royal duties on behalf of their grandmother and also some in their own right for charities they personally support.

photo credit: VinnieLDA via photopin cc

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