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Princess Anne to tour Scotland’s lighthouses

large_5788191922HRH The Princess Royal is to set off on a 3-day cruise this month to try and visit as many of Scotland’s lighthouses as she can.

Since around the age of 5, Princess Anne has had a fascination with lighthouses, probably from when she visited, with her mother Tiumpan Head on the Isle of Lewis. Lighthouses figured prominently in her classroom paintings after that.

The Princess, who is 10th in line to the throne, is the only daughter of Her Majesty The Queen.

Princess Anne is said to be aiming to visit all of Scotland’s 206 lighthouses in her lifetime. Sources say that she and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence are around the halfway point of visiting all of them.

She will do the three-day cruise on board the Northern Lighthouse Board vessel Pharos from June 24.

The Telegraph says that in 1998, she was present for the final shift at Scotland’s last manned lighthouse in Fair Isle.

The Princess’s quest to visit every lighthouse in Scotland was first reported notably in 2008. The Daily Mail reported, “She has told officials of the NLB – of which she is patron – her ambition is to visit every one of the 215 north of the border. The Princess’s hobby is so consuming that she also visits many lights secretly on private yachting jaunts with her husband Vice Admiral Tim Laurence.”

The princess has done all the major lighthouses now, sources say, and it will not be easy to do them all because there are many that are scattered all over the place.

photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle via photopin cc

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