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Naomi Watts becomes the ‘People’s Princess’ as Diana trailer is unveiled

The trailer for the upcoming ‘Diana’ biopic has been unveiled today.

movies-diana-naomi-wattsThe film focuses on the the last two years of Diana’s life, when the Princess had separated from Prince Charles and is involved in relationships with Hasnat Khan and also Dodi Fayed who tragically died with Diana in the Paris crash on August 31, 1997.

The trailer describes Diana as the ‘Most famous woman in the world’ and shows Naomi recreate some of the Princess’ most iconic moments.

The film which is due for release later this year shows famous moments in the late Princess’ life including the royal at the Cannes film festival and walking across minefields .

The one-minute clip perfectly illustrates the warm personality and natural beauty of the late Princess, while showing the level of attention the mother of Prince William and Harry lived under.

The makers behind the film, which will focus on her relationship with Hasnat Khan,  insisted the film was “sensationalism of titillation”.

“We’re not here for sensationalism or titillation  we just try to look at her relationship with Dr Hasnat Khan a man  who may have been the love of her life”. said producer Robert Bernstein.

Earlier this year, Naomi revealed she was concerned about how the film will be recieved.

“It’s very difficult to play someone who had such a deep impact and left such a lasting memory on the public,” the two-time Academy Award nominee revealed.“Our memory of her is still very fresh and you have to be respectful of that,” she told The Sun


The Australian also revealed she thought about how the film would impact of Prince William and Prince Harry.

“It’s also more complicated and sensitive when you take into account her two boys — William and Harry, But I want to do her justice and help tell her story truthfully.”

The film will have its world premiere in London on September 5.

See the trailer below…

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