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Final Diamond Jubilee Tree Planted

Today, The Princess Royal planted the final tree in the Diamond Jubilee project, that saw over 12,000 acres of new woodland created.

The Princess Royal was joined by Prime Minister David Cameron, to plant the final tree, a wild cherry tree, at Ashburnham Community School, West London.

The project has reached six million trees, which were planted to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and to leave a lasting legacy of a year of celebrations.

Princess Anne, said she was stunned how successful the Jubilee woods project has been, and believed it was “an entirely appropriate and worthy way of celebrating”, the Jubilee.

The project, which has been run by the Woodland Trust has created a 500-acre diamond woodland, located in the National Forest in Leicestershire and 60 Diamond Jubilee woods of more than 60 acres, in different locations across the country.

It has also led to 400 new woods of more than an acre and provided trees to communities and schools, establishing it as one of the most successful Diamond Jubilee projects.

The Princess Royal, 62, revealed she had been unsure that the project would reach its milestone.

“I have to own up that I didn’t believe that was possible when we started and I am hugely impressed by that success,” Anne, the patron of the project said.

“A very big thank you to the Woodland Trust for what was, I suspect some people thought, a slightly ambitious plan.”

“These milestones don’t happen very often and we celebrate the event but we also celebrate very much the person who has instilled that continuity in that period.

“These woodlands will do that for us in the future, really something to mark that passage of time which has gone.

“So a big thank you on behalf of Her Majesty for a wonderful way of celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and we look forward to building on those partnerships which have been created.”

The project has seen thousands of people, including Her Majesty The Queen and other members of the Royal family, take part in the project, which was the Woodland Trust’s biggest tree planting campaign.

The first tree planted, was fittingly by The Queen, at the Sandringham estate. This started the drive to plant a million trees in one month last February, and to hopefully reach the target of six million.

Sue Holden, chief executive of the Woodland Trust, also revealed she was extremely pleased with the success of the project, and through tough times will leave a lasting legacy.

“Jubilee Woods has been an incredible success but this has got to be seen as the beginning because these are tough times for our trees and woods,” she said.

She continued by saying the project will still continue, “The Woodland Trust has the ambitious aim of doubling woodland cover by 2050. This means creating new areas of habitat around our most valuable sites, and protecting and conserving existing valuable habitats.

“Jubilee Woods has been part of this holistic approach.”

photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle via photopin cc

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