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Duke of Gloucester opens Subsea Innovation factory

On Wednesday 26th November, The Duke of Gloucester paid a visit to Faverdale, Darlington, to open a new factory for a marine engineering firm.

Subsea Innovation Limited is improving its global position by the opening of the new 40,000 sq ft factory, and is also creating more skilled jobs, with the new factory expanding its workforce to 50 people. The marine engineering specialists make and send equipment to Australia and the Middle East.

During the visit, The Duke unveiled a floor plaque to celebrate the opening of the factory, and said: “This compaAndy-Lamb-Northern-Echony has some wonderful products, and I look forward to seeing it on the list of future Queen’s Awards.

“We are all aware of the impact when things go wrong in the industry, so to have such a reliable firm makes a huge difference.”

The firm specialises in launch and recovery systems that deploy remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs), and the new expansion means that it can carry out more work for oil, gas and energy clients.

Martin Moon, Subsea’s managing director, said: “This expansion allows us to do more and take on larger contracts, and gives us the capabilities to do other things.

“We can assemble complete systems, our floatable tank means we can do more testing, and our cranes give us more height, so we can go through the whole cycle. We have a lot of work on and it’s allowed us to take our workforce to 50.

“When I first started, it was down at 32, but we are growing, have three apprentices, and hope our staff number can rise to about 55 next year.” he said to The Northern Echo.

During the celebratory visit, The Duke was shown a J-Tube simulator by technician Mark Henry, watched by Mr Moon and factory manager, Tony Forster.

Mr Moon added: “It was fantastic to have The Duke here to open the factory because it not only highlighted the work we are doing, but the tremendous job the architect and builder both did on the site.”

Image Credit: Andy Lamb/Northern Echo

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