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Diana, Princess of Wales’s letter to AIDS victim up for auction

In a few days time, Henry Aldridge & Son will be auctioning letters off sent by the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The three letters show off the compassion that Diana’s legacy is made of.

The letters are from both Diana and her lady-in-waiting to a friend of someone suffering from AIDS. The friend, Margaret Bendon reached out in July 1996 to Diana on behalf of Vincent Hickey who had AIDS and bowel cancer.

The letters between them show how Diana sent a cheque for £580 to help them visit the Catholic shrine of Lourdes in the south of France.

On one of the letters from 3 October 1996, Diana thanks Bendon for the small gift after Hickey and Bendon visited Lourdes. She wrote: “I was most touched to receive your very kind letter about your visit to Lourdes with Vincent,

“I was delighted to be able to help and so glad that he was well enough to travel,


“It is so important that every bit of comfort is given to people like Vincent who, as you know, need all the care and help we can give them.”

She signed the letter: “with love from Diana.”

Speaking to Fox News, auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: “[The letters] demonstrate the empathy and generosity Diana was able to show to some of the more vulnerable members [of] society and just illustrate what an incredible person she was.”

The pre-sale value of the letters is estimated between £2,000-3,000.

The auction will take place on 24 February.

This isn’t the first time personal letter from Diana have gone on the block. Last year, notes, where Diana speaks about her sons, were auctioned off by Cheffins Fine Art.

A letter from 17 October 1992, Diana wrote: “The boys are well and enjoying boarding school although Harry is constantly in trouble!”

Adding: “We are off to Korea in November so a good place to do Christmas Shopping!”

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