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Diana buried stillborn baby at Kensington Palace

In the same documentary where James Hewitt urged that he is not Prince Harry’s father, another revelation was made – Diana, Princess of Wales, helped her friend bury her stillborn child on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

On Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, Diana’s best friend, Rosa Monckton spoke of the offer made by Diana.

After Rosa, a former Asprey & Garrard CEO and her husband, Dominic Lawson, a newspaper editor, suffered the tragic birth of a stillborn daughter. Diana made a plan to “get through” security telling them that they were burying a pet in the garden.

Host Melissa Doyle of the Channel Seven programme asked Rosa, “Was it she who suggested burying your baby at Kensington Palace?”

“Yes, yes it was… It was an extraordinary thing to do,” Rosa replied about the burial in the Spring on 1994.

Diana had split from Prince Charles the year before, and the two were best friends. When Rosa gave birth, Diana reportedly then told her butler, Paul Burrell, about her plans.

Paul questioned how they would pull it off to which Diana said, “I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden,” according to Paul in the documentary.

“Only you, I and Rosa will know it’s a baby.”

Diana, Rosa and Paul had a “very, very moving ceremony”, to which Diana gave Rosa a key to the palace garden. Rosa revealed that she still has that key.

Rosa and Dominic have two living daughter, Savannah who was their first born and Domenica, who has Down syndrome, their youngest.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was Domenica’s godmother but never got to know her as she was killed in a Paris car accident in 1997.

It is unknown what the circumstances for the interview were, and why Rosa and Mr Hewitt have now decided to speak out. A spokeswoman for Channel Seven said it wouldn’t comment on whether Mr Hewitt was paid by the network to participate.

She told Fairfax Media: “We don’t discuss arrangements with any of the people we interview on Sunday Night.”

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