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Why Meghan Markle won’t be at the Invictus Games in Toronto

Jamie Samhan offers her opinion on if Meghan Markle will be at Prince Harry’s side during the upcoming Invictus Games help in her home city. 

As Prince Harry whisks his girlfriend of just over a year, Meghan Markle off to Africa to celebrate her birthday, the rumour mill is fully-functioning over if Harry is popping the question and if she will be by his side at the upcoming Invictus Games.

On September 23, the world will be watching as Harry launches the 3rd annual Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada. Harry met Meghan in the city last year when promoting the games. Meghan currently calls Toronto home where she films her hit TV series Suits.

So, will Meghan be next to Harry during the games? Personally, no matter what happens in Africa, I don’t see her being in the public eye. Let us start with no engagement.

Should Harry not get down on one knee just yet, it would be unprecedented to have a Royal girlfriend at such a public event. When Catherine was dating Prince William, she was at some events like the concert in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, but she was in the background. Sitting a few rows behind William, and Harry. Meghan will be the same, in the city but not in front of the lens.

Now, if Harry were to propose, Meghan would then be in the capacity to attend, but will she? It is still a no. Harry’s biggest passion is veterans, and he would never do anything to take away from all the hard work they have achieved. Meghan attending the games would be the first official outing for the two, and it would be a media frenzy! Just like that, the attention of the veterans is shifted off of them and on to detecting their body language, lip reading, Meghan’s ring and every other unimportant detail.

Their holiday sure seems romantic, but I am convinced, even Harry asks for her hand, it won’t be announced until after the games when Harry and Meghan can focus on the next step in their life together and not one of the biggest events on Harry’s calendar- the Invictus Games.

What do you think? Do you agree with Jamie? Or do you believe the love birds will be shouting it from the roof top the moment they get engaged? Let us know in the comments: 

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