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Prince Harry Visits Haribo Factory

Prince Harry visited a new Haribo factory in Castleford as part of a tour of West Yorkshire.

During the tour of the £92 million pound factory, he was given a special treat that was sure to look familiar. The Prince was given his very own specially made Harry-shaped sweet.

At the end of his visit hew presented with his very own “Harry Mix” which was made especially for the visit, he jokingly told staff “You’ve got too much time on your hands.”

Harry admitted he would probably keep the sweets to himself saying that it would be a “bit weird sharing these.”

During his visit, he was given a guided tour of the factory by UK managing director Herwig Vennekens. He visited the production and packing areas where he showed a keen interest in how everything worked.

Vennkenes said that: “The day went brilliantly, a lot of people were happy and excited to meet him”

“He took the time to meet them all and talk with them. and you could tell by the worker’s reactions how they felt.”

The employees had nothing but praise for Prince Harry who was praised for being approachable and down to earth. Morag Bland a machine operator said that “He just seemed so approachable, he wasn’t stand-offish or anything like that, you could really talk to him.”

Harry admitted to Morag that his favourite Haribo sweet was the cola bottles.

Chris Ward said that talking with Prince Harry seemed like “talking to one of the lads, one of the workforce, he was brilliant”

Haribo employs over 700 people across its facilities in Castleford and Pontefract. They can produce a whopping 48,000 tonnes, the equivalent of four Eiffel Towers. The company has said it will make a donation to a charity of Harry’s choice

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