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Prince Harry visits AIDS charity and meets children in Leicester

Prince Harry was in top form as he went to two out of three events in Leicester yesterday. He went to the Leicestershire Aids Support Service (LASS), a charity his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales visited in 1991.

LASS is celebrating its 30th anniversary; The Prince, after meeting volunteers, participating in a discussion group and a training session, unveiled a plaque to commemorate the organisation’s birthday.

LASS works with people living in Rutland and Leicester. Through training and workshops, it seeks to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. According to The Express, the charity provides “information, advice, support and advocacy for people living with or affected by HIV.” It seeks to banish the stigmas associated with HIV and helps those living with the virus deal with the daily discrimination they face as a result. Harry also heard how LASS is helping those living with HIV live full, healthy, and happy lives.

His Royal Highness unveiling the plaque yesterday. Photo: @KensingtonRoyal/Twitter

Before visiting LASS, Prince Harry went to Hamilton Community College where he learned about the personal development courses offered there. While there, he went to a classroom and met students from Evington Valley Primary School. These students are participating in the ‘I Have a Dream’ programme. This programme strives to empower children to remain steadfast and resilient in their dreams and ambitions for the future as they transition to secondary school.

To illustrate their hopes for the future, the children were drawing posters. After admiring one group’s work, the Prince chatted to them about the environment, asking them: “Are electric or petrol cars better? Petrol? Hmm, I think electric is better,” Harry said.

“What about cycling or electric cars then? Electric cars are better. They are still quite expensive but all you guys, your first cars will be electric cars. Does that make you happy or sad? It should make you happy. Instead of a brum, brum, it’s going to be a brrrr. In fact, it won’t even make a noise.”

The Prince then grew more serious as he continued: “What are the solutions? Put your rubbish in the bin, recycle plastic and stop the companies from making plastic in the first place.

“You are the younger generation; you’re the ones who are going to inherit the world we leave for you. We are doing our best not to leave it in a bad way.”

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