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Prince Harry urges governments to continue the work his mother started

In a new video from The HALO Trust, Prince Harry speaks about his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, her work with landmines and the hope to be landmine free by 2025.

The three-minute video posted on YouTube commemorates the 20th anniversary the Mine Ban Treaty being signed.

Prince Harry recalled his mother walking through the cleared fields in Angola and meeting some of the children who were waiting to receive prosthetic limbs.

Noting how many are parents now themselves, Prince Harry said: “It is unbearable to think that their children are still forced to live with the legacy of a war that finished decades ago.”

As to date, 29 states have been declared mine free, a “tremendous achievement”, Harry called it a “testament to the treaty’s ambition and vision.”

The prince did warn that “millions are still affected” and that is “much more that still needs to be done.”

To reach the 2025 deadline, the international must “redouble” their efforts if there is “any chance of achieving this goal” in the next eight years.

Prince Harry also announced that the British Government is increasing their funding of the cause, but calls for other governments to do the same or they won’t achieve the ultimate goal.

Harry goes on to say “it is incredible to think if we clear some of those countries most affected, then we can free over 60 million people from the threat of landmines for good and bring back transport, development, agriculture, and the ability for future generations of children to play without fear.”

Finishing off, Harry pleads that “it falls to me and to all of us to uphold [Diana’s] promise,” as the Princess of Wales promised two young boys in Bosnia, 20-years-ago that they would never be forgotten. The fifth-in-line to the throne asks for the international community to re-commit to the deadline so no more children’s lives will be lost.

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