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Prince Harry trains until polar storm clears ahead of freezing 200-mile trek

Prince Harry and Walking With the Wounded Team are grounded in South Africa due to in poor weather in Antarctica.

Prince Harry and Walking With the Wounded Team are grounded in South Africa due to in poor weather in Antarctica.

The Antarctic trek being undertaken by Prince Harry and the Walking With the Wounded teams is being put delayed again. Harry and the UK team landed in South Africa on Monday on what was supposed to be a short layover before heading off on their journey.

A storm however has the teams and the Prince staying in Cape Town a bit longer than originally planned. They might want to relish in the warm temperatures now before they reach the subzero and bone chilling temperatures in the Antarctic.

The teams were told on Monday that delays in their flight would be approximately 24 hours due to the unfavourable weather conditions in the Antarctic.

The group was still waiting to leave Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon. A Kensington Palace spokesperson commented that this delay should not impinge on the beginning of the race which is planned to be on 29 November.

“At the moment, they’re just waiting, they’re managing to do a bit of training, hiking up Table Mountain and around Cape Town,” spokeswoman Alexandra Hunter-Dunn of Walking With the Wounded commented to CNN.

Until the weather is better for travel, the departure date cannot be confirmed, according to Hunter-Dunn.

As Royal Central reported earlier this week, Novo (Novolazarevskaya Station) is a Russian air base located near the edge of the Antarctic. There the three teams from the United Kingdom, United States and the Commonwealth will acclimatise to the vast change in elevation as well as the sub-zero temperatures.

Upon arriving, the three teams will have just three short days to acclimatise to the harsh conditions before beginning their 16 day journey.

Actor Alexander Skarsgard is a member of the U.S team while actor Dominic West has joined the Commonwealth team comprised of Australia and Canada.

When asked about what Harry is like, U.S. team member Sgt. Margaux Mange told CNN: “He’s laid back, we’re not scared to have him around, he’s just another soldier along with the rest of us.”

photo credit: UK in Brazil via photopin cc

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