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Prince Harry straps on the gloves at Double Jab boxing club

Prince Harry spent some time in southeast London yesterday at the Double Jab boxing club.

Founder Patrick Harris showed Prince Harry around the club in New Cross introducing him to some of the members. One such member being a young 4-year-old boxer who surprised the prince when he informed him that he had been in the ring since he was “two years old”. Despite his experience, Harry was still able to give him some advice on how to protect his face while doing some jabs with Harris.

Patrick Harris set the club up as a way to keep local youth busy and out of gangs. Prince Harry spent time talking to some of the members about the significance of the boxing club and the work it is doing to keep them out of danger.

Speaking about the club, Harris said: “It gives them discipline, it gives them a sense of wealth, a sense of belonging, basically if they’re believed in they achieve.

“And this is what happens like all of us in life, if we’re believed in then we achieve more.”

The visit comes as part of Prince Harry’s platform to raise awareness in mental health and veterans, conservation, HIV and Aids, and using sport for social change.

Harry will spend time working with local community sports groups like Sported. Sported supports over 3000 community sports clubs and youth groups throughout the UK.

Speaking to Sky News, Chris Grant, chief executive was pleased to have the support of Prince Harry and his ability to be a role model for those who need it most, saying:

“The legend of Muhammad Ali, which is also true, was that he had his bicycle stolen when he was 12 (and) it was the policeman who he went to for help who was the coach at the local boxing club.

“And around the UK there are thousands of volunteer club leaders who do the same thing.”

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