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Prince Harry speaks about how Meghan Markle is “loving” the Invictus Games

Prince Harry gave further insight into his relationship with Megan Markle at a cycling event on Tuesday.

The relationship, which is quickly moving more into the public eye, has grabbed everyone’s attention with Miss Markle appearing at two events with Prince Harry so far.

While he hasn’t spoken to the media about his relationship, he did let an engaged couple in on how she is “loving” the games.

Former U.S Air Force Master Sgt. Kyle Burnett and his fiancé, former U.S Air Forse Master Sgt. Reese Hines met Prince Harry at a cycling event at the 2017 Invictus Games.

Burnett told PEOPLE Magazine, how they inquired how Meghan was enjoying herself: “I asked him how his girlfriend was enjoying it and he said, ‘She loves it, she’s loving the games,’ which is awesome.”

Hines continued on: “My fiancée, and I were standing there, and she was explaining to him about my prosthetic right eye,

“He said it looked real and somebody did a great job making it.

“I told him I had a couple of others, one has my occupation badge on it, and he asked if it was easy to take in and out,”

Hines added on: “Kyle said, ‘Go ahead, take it out!’ Harry was kind of squeamish about it.”

Burnett and Hines are planning on getting married next June, with hopes that Prince Harry will be in attendance.

“You can tell him that we are inviting him to our wedding,” Burnett said.

“He was real personable, and there was no sense of him being in the royal family. He seemed like a normal military veteran.

“He’s served beside us, and now he’s able to put these games on and stands with us as we’re competing.”

Meghan Markle excited royal watchers when she first appeared at the Opening Ceremonies of the Invictus Games with a PPO igniting engagement rumours, although she was seated separately from Prince Harry. On Tuesday, there was no hiding their love as the two walked into the New Zealand v Australia match hand-in-hand laughing and taking in the game.

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