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Prince Harry sends waitress & drinks flying across the room whilst dancing at friend’s wedding

Prince Harry might be a Prince of hearts to many, but he certainly isn’t King of the dancefloor as proven this week in Jamaica when he sent a tray of drinks flying at a friend’s wedding reception.

The fifth-in-line to the throne was celebrating late into the night as he and Meghan Markle celebrated the wedding of his close friend, Tom Inskip. However, the Prince accidentally sent a waitress and the tray of drinks she carried flying across the dance floor.

Harry was attempting to moonwalk to Michael Jackson’s popular hit Billie Jean when he collided with a waitress and the tray she carried.

The incident took place after the bride and groom had their first dance as man and wife. Earlier at the ceremony, Harry served as an usher.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, a fellow attendee said: “Harry was mortified. Everyone was cheering him until he banged into the girl.

“He quickly grabbed hold of her to make sure she was ok and couldn’t apologise enough. Meghan and the girls were in stitches.

“It’s rare Harry has the chance to let his hair down with all his friends and so he makes the most of it when he can.”

The wedding ceremony took place on Friday at the Hopewell Baptist Church, near to where the party was held. Guests stayed in the exclusive Round Hill Hotel, which the bride and groom rented out exclusively for their party. The world famous hotel was built in the 1950’s as a colony of cottages for the rich, glamorous and famous.

Harry and Meghan are believed to be staying in an £1,600-a-night hill-side villa on the 110-acre resort. John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, spent their honeymoon there. Other celebrities of the day including Bob Hope, Paul Newman and Ralph Lauren also stayed in the resort.

The Prince’s visit to Jamaica was conducted in a private capacity and is not recorded by the Court Circular.

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