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Prince Harry praises military personnel calling them “role models to society”

Monday morning saw Prince Harry visit the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Mental Health Research where he spoke of how service men and women are role models to society.

Upon arrival CEO of the Invictus Games, Michael Burns, greeted Prince Harry outside where the two chatted for a brief moment before entering the building.

Once inside, Prince Harry, who has served himself, spoke of the values held by servicemen and women and their influence on society.

Speaking to the room, Prince Harry said: “Now I have long believed that individuals who wear the uniform are role models for society. Their families understand the true meaning of teamwork, respect, discipline and leadership.

“And in a world where this is often lacking, I bet the values by which service families live their lives and the example they set for others through these [Invictus] Games, is having a profound effect on their communities and far beyond. Wouldn’t it be great if we could prove that too!”

While departing, Michael Burns and Prince Harry chatted outside for another minute before Harry climbed into his motorcade.

Monday will be a busy day for Prince Harry with multiple sporting events. Follow Royal Central on Twitter to see his appearances live.

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