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Prince Harry pledges support to Chime For Change

Prince Harry has pledged his support for Chime for Change.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry spoke to the crowd via videolink

Chime for Change is a new global campaign to raise awareness and money for girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world. The organisation is founded by Gucci and has found the support of famous women such as Madonna and Beyonce.

Speaking on Saturday, via video link, at the Chime For Change Live concert at Twickenham Stadium, Prince Harry pledged his support and urged others around the world to follow his lead.

The Prince’s video, which opened the show, saw the royal make a one-minute speech to the awaiting crowd.

“Thank you for showing your support for woman’s rights, I am sorry I can’t be with you in person,” Harry said.

“During my travels i have had the privilage to meet some extraordinary woman and girls with often outstanding and heartbreaking stories.”

The third-in-line continued: “We all need focus on the issue that inflict women around the world and we need to do it now”.

The Prince who has most recently increased his royal duties, insisted that it is also the work of men to help woman’s rights.

“Real men treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve,” Harry said

With a great applause from the crowd, the Prince urged the thousands to enjoy their evening.

Chime for Change included performances from some of the world’s greatest female singers including Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Mary J Blige and concluded with set from headliner Beyonce.

Madonna also presented at the event, along with actresses Blake Lively and Jessica Chastain.

The concert hopes to raise money to support projects on the areas of education, health and justice. Fashion house Gucci are also underwriting the event so that all monies raised, minus VAT and service fees, reach the charity.

Ticket buyers for the concert had the unique chance to choose which project their ticket will benefit.

The proceeds form Saturday’s event will aim to help fund 120 projects supporting women and girls in more than 70 countries around the world.

Queen of pop Madonna urged the crowd to start a revolution.

She said: “I keep telling people I want to start a revolution, but my revolution doesn’t involve bloodshed and violence. My revolution starts with education. My revolution is about achieving a higher level of consciousness, but this cannot start without education.

“We cannot change this world, nor begin to treat each other with human dignity, without an education. Let tonight be the beginning of this revolution because education is not a luxury, it is a basic human right.”

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