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Prince Harry may take to the Royal Variety stage for magic act

After impressing judges and the audience last week with his magical talents, Britain’s Got Talent winner Lance Corporal Richard Jones of the Household Cavalry hopes to have a very special guest when he performs for The Queen and the Royal Family at the Royal Variety Show this year.

Perhaps knowing his penchant for doing the unexpected and his abiding sense of camaraderie for the Armed Forces, LCpl Jones hopes to enlist Prince Harry to assist him in the final act of his performance before The Queen. He had already joked that he’d have loved to have done a mind reading trick with Her Majesty, however he’s uncertain he’d ever be able to get past the security. Prince Harry, therefore, is a much more approachable candidate.

“If Prince Harry were up for it, and I’m allowed, then it would be great to do a trick with him,” LCpl Jones has said.

After winning Britain’s Got Talent, LCpl Jones received the grand prize of £250,000 and a guaranteed slot on the Royal Variety Performance to be held on December 6th of this year. The Royal Variety Performance is a televised variety show held before the Royal Family in order to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity. It is typically attended by senior members of the Royal Family, usually but not always including The Queen herself. The show always features a broad collection of performances from theatre groups, magicians, comedians, singers and other live performers, since 2007 the programme has also included the winner of that year’s Britain’s Got Talent competition with the first winner being Paul Potts, an opera tenor. It is often held within the London Palladium.

So far it is unknown if Prince Harry will agree to making a special guest appearance himself during the night, but LCpl Jones is enthusiastic about the idea nevertheless.

“To get a Royal Family member on stage — I’m not sure that’s ever been done before. So that would be great.”

In the meantime, while he plans to continue serving within the Armed Forces — LCpl Jones is expected to perform as a musician in the Household Cavalry during The Queen’s birthday parade come June 11th — he has also been apparently tempted to take his act further afield within the future. He has expressed interest in performing in Las Vegas and Broadway, and has been assured by the Army that they offer flexible careers. The notion of a soldier serving alongside another career is not unheard of; Fijian-born Lance Corporal Semesa Rokoduguni similarly has a professional rugby career even while serving as a reconnaissance tank soldier within the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. LCpl Jones hopes that the Household Cavalry may try to work a similar deal with him.

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