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Prince Harry invited to climb the Matterhorn

Prince Harry has been invited to climb the Matterhorn, one of the deadliest and most formidable mountains in the world.

Prince Harry has been invited to climb one of the worlds deadliest mountains

A leading Swiss Ski Resort is said to have invited Prince Harry, or any other member of the Royal Family, to climb the mountain on the boarder of Switzerland and Italy. The ski resort, which is next to the 14,624ft peak, is inviting celebrities and dignitaries from a selection of countries to climb the mountain next year to mark 150 years since the first ascent.

The president of Zermatt Civic Community Committee, Andreas Biner, said he has sent a letter to the British Embassy in Berne, inviting a member of the Royal Family to the celebrations.

Mr Biner stated: “The British have played such a big part in our history and we would love Harry, or even William, to have a go at climbing the Matterhorn. Harry is the sporty one and it would not surprise us if he said yes”.

Out of all the members of the Royal Family, Harry is certainly the most likely person to accept the challenge. As reported by Royal Central last year, Prince Harry undertook the South Pole trek in Antarctica, which was recently shown on ITV1. The three-week expedition means that the Prince is certainly prepared for a mountaineering challenge.

If Harry did take up the challenge, he would be mirroring former US President Theodore Roosevelt, who climbed the Matterhorn in 1881.

Queen Victoria once said that “mountaineering was too dangerous”, however Mr Biner says “we think today’s Royal Family would take a rather different view from Queen Victoria”.

photo credit: UK in Brazil via photopin cc

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