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Prince Harry shows off his silly side with children during half-term

Earlier today, Prince Harry showed off his silly side as he played some street games with kids on half-term in Brent, North West London.

Rolling up his sleeves, the prince took part in the game organised by StreetGames’ Training Academy, an initiative to teach youth to become sports coaches.

Prince Harry spoke with coaches and volunteers from Sport at Heart, a part of the Fit and Fed Campaign, where they spoke of the lack of suitable places for kids to go to when on school breaks.

Wijeratne, the founder of Sport at the Heart, recalled after: “He said, ‘There’s a lack of strong leadership in this country.’”

Adding: “He said that we have ‘not a strong government.’

“He also said that buildings like this are very important for the kids,

“Recently, there have been sweeping closures of this type of building. In Brent, this is the last youth club in the borough.

“Prince Harry said there are new buildings, but they are always under lock and key. Groups don’t have access to them.”

According to Kensington Palace: “In the UK, it is estimated 73% of the poorest families cannot always afford to feed their children during the school holidays. This affects 3 million children and young people across the country and 700,000 in London.”

Before playing with the children, Harry started his day serving kids from the Fit and Fed Campaign, that gives free meals and activities to the youth on school breaks.

Harry dished up pasta, asking chef Kerin Parris,: “How much do they get?”

T’miyah Reid, 9, was asked by People Magazine what it was like to have a prince serve him, he responded: “Very posh!”

This wasn’t Prince Harry’s first visit to the Fit and Fed Campaign, last July Harry spent time with them in Newham for their summer break session.


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